Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop rips Port Authority Chairman John Degnan


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop ripped Port Authority Chairman John Degnan for having a lack of understanding about how important the PATH is to commuters at a packed press conference calling for the elimination of any possibility of cutting overnight PATH service. 


“I would highlight that, I think it’s safe to assume, that Chairman [John] Degnan has never ridden on the PATH late at night,” Fulop said when asked if he thought there could be a reasonable transportation alternative to accommodate approximately 2,000 nightly PATH commuters a night, as the 99-page special panel Port Authority report to save money suggested.

“Anyone whose ridden the PATH at night knows that it is filled, first and foremost. Secondly, it easy to extract numbers and say 2,000 per night: that same number equates to 200,000 plus per year.”

“These are working families, as we highlighted earlier, it’s not a small number, and we can extract numbers and argue them nevertheless. But, it really is being disingenuous as to how it relates to the impact overall.”

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  1. The P.O.S Felix Roque (whom lives in Cliffside Pk NJ) and Lies about living in West NY is actually pictured here with other P.O.S’s. Felix your Daddy Sacco needs to make your leash a little longer and Collar a little looser since your paying all his Buddies with the West NY Tax Dollars now.

  2. He should have ripped him apart even more for not adding more service at night…Some days I have to be at work at 5am, and that’s including weekends, and if I don’t get to Path an hour before, I will be late because there’s like one train an hour…On top of it, this one train Hoboken/Jersey City after 11pm and before 6am and all through the weekends is a bunch of bull crap..What worked 20 years ago no longer works today..People are packed on top of each other and those commuting to Jersey City or Newark have to spend an additional 10 mins doing soon in addition to having to pick up a train an hour before to go for a 10 minute ride into the city…More frequent Path Service at night is needed and continuous separate trains for Jersey City and Hoboken..We are becoming overcrowded with all the new residents moving in…The Port Authority needs to figure out where they are spending their money..not trying to screw the residents of New Jersey…

  3. As a musician I work very late and I can tell you the PATH train is packed to excess because they only run one train every 30 min after 11 pm. We try to get people not to drink and drive,,,,, yet the only alternative is so inconvenient people ignore it.