Man charged with Jersey City assault, no bias crime; victim says he was called ‘terrorist’


A man has been charged with an early Monday morning assault in Downtown Jersey City, with the victim claiming he was jumped and called a “terrorist.”

Mo Hamez. Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Fadel Abdallah, 31, is charged with aggravated assault following an incident outside of a Grove Street bar Monday around 1:30 a.m. At this time, it is not being treated as a bias crime based on the current investigation,” the city posted on social media this morning.

“Within hours of an assault being reported to JCPD, officers identified & arrested the Bergen County man. We take these types of allegations very seriously and ask anyone w/information related to this incident to contact our JCPD tipline at or call 855-JCP-TIPS.”

According to lengthy post on Instagram by the victim, city resident Mo Hamez, said he was at the Grove Station Restaurant, located at 116 Grove St., with some friends who left in an Uber.

As he was hanging out at the establishment by himself, a stranger asked where he was from, to which Hamez said Baltimore, and then later Palestine after being pressed further.

Once he had paid his bill and was leaving, he said he was sucker punched and jumped from earlier that included the man who asked where he was from.

“They yelled racial slurs at me and then one of them sucker punched me in the face, which caused me to fall on the ground awkwardly twisting my knee and bumping the back of my head on the pavement,” his post says.

“They then kicked me and spit on me when I was on the ground while saying “f*cking terr*rist,” “amalek,” and “cos umak” over and over. I didn’t get knocked out but I was down and delirious while they ran away.”

A subsequent Instagram post shows him giving a thumbs up, despite a black eye and a bruise inside his lip and also near his mouth. Hamez also says police have obtained video footage of the incident and that he has spoken to press including Pix 11.

“… Although I want justice more than anything right now, I think that everything happens for a reason and it took this incident for my town of Jersey City to wake up a bit and see that even one of the most diverse cities in the nation is still susceptible to viscous racism and hate. This is simply unacceptable and must end,” he concluded.

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  1. If the dude was gonna milk a fake hate crime he should’ve at least picked a fight with a white dude and not another Palestinian. Should ask Bhalla for help next time on how to best do it