Looking to boost Menendez, Booker headlines GOTV rallies in Hoboken and Jersey City


With less than 48 hours to go before voters go to the polls on Tuesday, U.S. Senator Cory Booker made two stops in Hudson County to try and rally the troops for his colleague Bob Menendez. 

The first stop was in Hoboken along Frank Sinatra Drive, where he was joined by Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla and other local elected officials from the Mile Square City.

Bhalla said that Menendez had worked hard throughout his political career, given his humble beginnings growing up in public housing in Union City, to warrant another six years in the United States Senate.

“The guy has worked for everything he’s ever had, he has earned everything he’s ever had. He ran for school board as a 20-year old and has earned his keep. Nothing was given to Senator Menendez. He is the true embodiment of the American Dream,” the mayor said.

Bhalla then contrasted Menendez’s record in the senate with that of his Republican opponent Bob Hugin, whom Bhalla criticized for wanting to “buy [Menendez’s] Senate seat and influence the outcome of policy in Washington,” then adding that Hugin, unlike Menendez, would not stand up to President Donald Trump (R) on policy.

“This is also an important election because it’s an election where we need to send a message that we are going to stand up to Donald Trump. Do you think that [Menendez’s] opponent will stand up to Trump?,” he questioned.

“His opponent will be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump. Bob Menendez has resisted Trump’s policies tooth and nail, with every breath in his body and we need to makes sure that doesn’t stop. Again, the stakes could not be higher for this county, for this state and for this country.

U.S. Senator Cory Booker spoke energetically, using a war metaphor to explain who he wants to continue to work with in Washington D.C.

“If I am in a trench fighting, if the cause of our country is at stake, if the battle is fraught, if there’s hate being preached from the highest offices in the land, there’s one guy I want in the trench next to me fighting on the front lines of our country, and that partner of mine, that senior senator, my mentor, I want him by my side and that’s Bob Menendez,” Booker began.

Echoing Bhalla, he then warned the crowd that New Jersey can’t afford to send a candidate like Hugin to the senate.

“We cannot allow this state to send someone to Washington who is going to fall into lockstep with a President who has attacked our state, with a tax law that raised our property taxes and took away our deductions for state and local taxes, by coming after our healthcare and by coming after people with pre-existing conditions. We cannot allow that to happen,” said Booker.

Towards the end of his speech, Menendez admitted that despite some mistakes he may have made during his political service, he nonetheless has alway fought for and would continue to fight for ordinary New Jerseyans.

“Whatever mistakes I made, I’ve never been mistaken about who I fight for, where I came from and what I’m doing. I’m fighting for you, for your hopes, for your dreams, for your aspirations,” Menendez said.

Following the conclusion of the Hoboken rally, Jersey City officials – including Council President Rolando Lavarro, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise and U.S. Rep. Donald Payne (D-10) – welcomed Menendez and Booker to The Factory on Communipaw Avenue.

At the Jersey City venue, we had a brief chance to speak with Menendez ahead of the rally.

“This election has never mattered more. At stake is everything we’ve fought for, educational opportunity, the healthcare of our families, the homes that we own, the opportunity to make sure our civil and voting rights are preserved. And a check on Trump. We need majorities in the Senate and House. That’s what’s at stake in this election. Go out and vote on Tuesday,” Menendez said.

“I need everybody in this room to understand: we vote early, we gain momentum. We’ve got early voting right here, right,” added Booker.

” … I want you all to know that for the last five years, I’ve had the honor and the privilege not just to be your United State Senator, but to be your junior senator with a senior senator like Bob Menendez. And you know there’s a sure sign in life that your doing really good stuff – it’s when people come out and criticize you. If you ain’t doing nothing, nobody’s gonna talk about you.”

Menendez hopes to stave off an aggressive, well-funded challenge from Hugin on Tuesday, who is trailing the incumbent, on average, by about seven or eight points according to public polling.

Both rallies, which streamed live on our Facebook page, can be seen below:


Hoboken rallying for U.S. Senator Bob Menendez.

Posted by Hudson County View on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Jersey City

Rally for U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez at the Factory in Jersey City.

Posted by Hudson County View on Sunday, November 4, 2018


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  1. Once again My Hero Horse called a spade a spade. He identified Chief Ferrante’s actions to remove a taxpaying resident from the event as being worthy of Stasi, the East German secret police.

    Ferrante will forever now be known as Chief Stasi! My Hero Horse already proved that Bhalla is behind the terror flyer. He says so daily and wouldn’t accuse someone of a felony without proof! But Chief Stasi refuses to look at My Hero Horse’s evidence! And now he is attacking taxpayers enjoying their rights as citizens which My Hero Horse rightly identifies as secret police tactics!

    Remove the criminal Chief Stasi Ferrante now! Replace him with My Hero Horse!

    • It wasn’t Chief Ferrante on the scene and it wasn’t the Hoboken Horse who alleged any such thing. It was you, a douchey political Ravibot operative who sounds awfully sensitive about that Ravi Terror Flier. Now why is that?

      • All Hail My Hero Horse!

        Everyone says you are defaming Bhalla by constantly stating he is the FELON behind the terror flyer. Even in THIS comment! But I keep telling them My Hero Horse has PROOF!

        But the corrupt police chief who My Hero Horse has CORRECTLY named Chief “Stasi” Ferrante is covering up the crime!

        Fire Chief “Stasi” Ferrante now! Replace him with the much more honest and effective My Hero Horse!

  2. Democrat insiders are saying there’s a significant likelihood Menendez is going down the tubes and his rampant corruption is the anchor drowning him. Also, there’s a breaking story at Hobokenhorse.com about Ravi using Sinatra Park for a Menendez rally announced to the public and then having a Hoboken resident ejected for showing up. Menendez paid $25 to make Sinatra Park his “private” rally ground? Wheely?

    The Hoboken Police Chief issued a statement on the matter too.

    • Excellent work calling out Chief “Stasi” Ferrante, My Hero Horse! Don’t let him off the hook for scuttling the EVIDENCE you provided which PROVES Bhalla is behind the terror flyer!

      Not only is Chief “Stasi” Ferrante an incompetent hireling of the democrat party, he is now taking away the constitutional rights of citizens!

      Fire Chief “Stasi” Ferrante! Replace him with My Hero Horse! Bhalla will be arrested for the terror flyer the very next day. My Hero Horse has the PROOF and Chief “Stasi” Ferrante is covering it up!

    • “Insiders” who whisper things to the voices in the heads of doofuses are saying the “Hugin Surge” be even bigger than the legendary “Giattino Surge” that doofuses still discuss with awe and reverence.

      • Dear Lindastan, if you don’t like the Democrat operatives working NJ campaigns for the Democrats and what they’re saying, have them fired. Then you and Forde can do the job right. A year after that Hoboken Horse guy published the Ravi Bhalla poll, you’re still whimpering about it. Ok, so he gets some good stories at times but if you keep whining about it, he’ll only get a fat head. Someone needs to show that big toothed Horse, he’s wrong! Or at least get a good attack on him going so he’ll get mad and do something stupid.

        • One the defining characteristics of a true doofus is lack of self awareness which results in the he doofus constantly confirming their status as a real doofus.

          On that front the three real doofuses of Hoboken never disappoint. On the bright side though you have firmly established yourself as the doofiest of the doofuses. That’s an awfully high bar so congrats.