LETTER: WNY BOE Pres. Rodas called out by trustee Cheng over cancelled meeting


In a letter to the editor, West New York Board of Education Trustee Matthew Cheng calls for answers from board president Steven Rodas over last month’s cancelled meeting – claiming the district does not have formal contracts in place with the superintendent of schools and business administrator as a result. 

Cheng - Rodas

Dear editor,

I am disappointed that once again, the regularly scheduled West New York Board of Education was canceled. This is the fifth canceled meeting this year after tabling 19 items on the June 17th meeting agenda.

There are two scheduled meetings in June because there is important business to take care of at the end of the school year. The complete cancellation of the second June meeting with no explanation demonstrates a callous disregard to the district’s operations and its children.

At this moment, the district is without a Superintendent, a Business Administrator, two Principles and three unions are working under expired contracts.

With a block of Trustees, WNY BOE President Steven Rodas orchestrated the resignation of the Business Administrator effective the end of this school year. The Board has yet to appoint a new Business Administrator.

Superintendent of Schools John Fauta’s contract ended on June 30 and the Board has yet to sign a contract with the incoming Superintendent.

The full Board has not even discussed the terms of the new Superintendent’s contract. Furthermore, two Principles retired on June 30th and the new appointments were tabled at the June 17th meeting.

Lastly, the teachers and supervisors contracts expired June 30th. The Administrators contract expired on June 30, 2014. To my knowledge, the Negotiations Committee that you appointed has only met once. No other committees have ever convened.

I have never heard from Rodas in private or in public any reasons why so many meetings were canceled this year. I wonder if he canceled these meetings to spite district personnel or prevent certain trustees from attending.

I urge him to immediately call a special meeting to take care of the important matters above and all outstanding matters before the board.


Matthew Cheng
DISCLAIMER: These opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the West New York Board of Education.

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  1. It would have been nice if Mr. Cheng would have requested this meeting weeks ago not 5 days before the next scheduled meeting on July 15. Fake hustle by Mr. Cheng?

  2. Mr. Heinis, Can you please ask the WNY Traffic Division or the Great Mayor Roque…(Not) why no one is fixing the out traffic lights in town? These Traffic lights have been out for months and some one will be struck and prob killed soon.

    54st & Palisade, 55st & Jackson and 64st & Hudson.
    All out for weeks if not months now. More than one of these are next to a School.

    I and Others do appreciate you Mr. Heinis and your Great work and not selling out like Fernando Uribe did. Thank You and God Bless U.