LETTER: Vote Miranda, Saleh and Schapiro for Jersey City BOE


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Demetrius Terry encourages voters to choose David Miranda, Yousef Saleh and Matt Schapiro for the board of education on Election Day.

Miranda, Schapiro, Saleh

Dear Editor,

As a former candidate for a one-year term seat on the Jersey City Board of Education, please join me in voting for David Miranda on Tuesday, November 7. Miranda is an army veteran who has served our country and knows firsthand the issues facing our district.

With his experience in corporate America, he will bring forth smart solutions which will enable our district to see productive results. Miranda’s opponent is backed by special interests which will not put our students first.

For far too long, our students have been neglected especially in Greenville and Bergen-Lafayette and it’s time to stand up to ensure all of our children have access to a top-notch quality education.

In addition, please join me in voting for Yousef Saleh and Matt Schapiro for a three-year term. Saleh and Schapiro are ready to work with the administration for all of our students. Right now, we have some incumbents who are not positive role models to our students by violating ethics laws, and who use language on the board which is demonizing.

Right now, we have a Trump Pence Republican Administration which promotes hatred and bigotry and we don’t need that on our school board.

As a member of the LGBTQ community, it disturbs me that incumbent Lorenzo Richardson abstained from voting on a Transgender Policy for our students in Jersey City which made public schools accommodating to trans students.

We need to elect individuals who will stand up for our progressive values and not be silent. It’s important everyone votes in the school board race, even if you don’t have a child in the district.

If you live in Jersey City, policies implemented on the school board does affect your taxes, quality of life, and affordability of rent, and housing.

On Tuesday, November 7, vote 2J, 3J, and 6J for all of our children to succeed.

Demetrius Terry

Jersey City Resident

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