LETTER: Simulcik says elect an Assemblyman ‘independent of the political machine’


In a letter to the editor, District 33 Republican Assembly nominee Garrett Simulcik urges voters to “elect a candidate independent of the Hudson County political machine” on November 3. 

District 33 Republican Assembly nominee Garrett Simulcik (left), District 31 Republican Assembly nominee Herminio Mendoza and Republican County Executive nominee Ivan Sutherland.
District 33 Republican Assembly nominee Garrett Simulcik (left), District 31 Republican Assembly nominee Herminio Mendoza and Republican County Executive nominee Ivan Sutherland.

To the Editor:

On Election Day, the voters of the 33rd Legislative District can make their voices heard and do something that has not been accomplished in our District in over 30 years: elect a candidate independent of the
Hudson County “political machine” to represent THEM in Trenton.

As the late San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Milk, once said:

“I don’t think state assembly seats should be the reward for service to the Democratic Party machine. Machines run on oil and grease. They’re dirty, they’re dehumanizing, and they tend to be entirely unresponsive to the needs of anybody but those of their operator.”

For too long, our area has been ruled by a select few who seemingly believe the needs of the people are
secondary to maintaining power and taking care of their inner circle.

Having one group in control of all the political power without anyone standing against it to examine and question its actions, only breeds the type of rampant corruption of which we are, unfortunately, all too familiar.

To further its agenda, the Machine constantly forces upon us a revolving door of “yes-men” candidates. We deserve better!

Finding solutions to issues facing our communities is far more important than “politics-as-usual”. In this
regard, I am asking voters that are sick and tired of Hudson County politics being a punchline and want
transparency in THEIR government to vote for me TO SERVE THEM in the Assembly.

As a resident and small business owner in District 33, I am firmly committed to its future and that of my
neighbors. As Assemblyman, I will bring common sense proactive solutions to Trenton, and will work
tirelessly to bring growth, opportunity and prosperity for ALL.

For many, voting for a Republican candidate will not come easy. In this regard, please know:

• I am NOT Governor Christie or Donald Trump. Rather, my political philosophy is more in tune
with President Theodore Roosevelt, who supported conservation and fair social policies, and believed
that those in political office have an obligation to do what is best for the people. I believe in market
solutions, common sense realities, low taxes and small government.

• I do not view issues as “red” and “blue”. I make decisions based on what is right and just, and
will cross party lines whenever it is in the best interest of the people. The only way to get things
accomplished and to move New Jersey forward is by working together and not by stubbornly standing

• I believe that we should be waging a war on poverty, not poor people; and, we cannot fight the
war on poverty with “band-aids”. We need to proactively address the underlying issues and lead people
out of poverty by providing them with viable alternatives and an environment in which to succeed.

• My loyalty is to the voters, not “big business” or “special interests”. My campaign did not
receive any contributions from special interest groups. I cannot say the same for my opponents. If you
want to know where a candidate’s allegiances lie, look no further than their list of campaign

• I believe in logic and intellect, and do not reject facts in favor of scripture.

• I adamantly support equal rights for all.

l simply ask the voters to see past the “R” after my name and see a candidate that is more adept to
serving THEIR needs than those candidates that have and will continue to primarily serve the Machine’s

Every vote is stronger than a machine. To ensure that the interests of our District come first,
Go With Garrett and Vote 1A on Election Day!

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