LETTER: Morel, Alcantara and Saunders are the best choices for WNY BOE


In a letter to the editor, a West New York resident says that incumbent David Morel, along with candidates Jose Alcantara and Melinda Saunders, are the best choices to serve on the local board of education. West New York BOE

Dear Editor,

With the West New York Board of Education elections back in town, we are sure to be entertained this upcoming fall in the form of the circus act it is sure to be.

However, in the interest of the children of this town, allow me to put my two cents in.

With three open seats being highly contested it gives us, the voters an opportunity for that circus not to stay past Election Day.

A return to normalcy must soon ensue in WNY. David Morel, Jose Alcantara, and Melinda Saunders are the sure bet for that return. By no means is this an official endorsement, it is simply an observation.

I’ll let the readers and voters come to their own conclusion as to why these three are best for the job this go-around.

David Morel with his deep understanding of how things work in Hudson county politics, and his overall always caring character will insure things get done at the BOE, not just done right, but done on behalf of the people of this town.

Jose Alcantara, was a key member in the petitioning process that was required to garner enough signatures to make an elected school board a reality.

Jose, or “Tubby” as we called him, was a driving force for that elected school board to happen. He helped so the BOE was not just appointed by the mayor where the will of the people can often get clouded, but elected by the very same people it is to serve.

Jose not only supported in making the school board so you can vote on November 8th, he is also in touch with the youth of this town more so than any other person currently serving on this board.

He is a testament that any kid from any block of West New York can make something of themselves if they just try!

Last, But certainly not least, Melinda Saunders, is the voice of a mother which is strongly needed in this town. It isn’t that the voice does not exist in town already, it’s that voice is drowned out by political noise in town.

Being a mother of a child in our district, she offers something missing to that board. I encourage all to weigh their options carefully as it’s the future of our children at stake here.

A concerned resident,

Kevin A. Borrell

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  1. What ever you do Mr. Borrell or anyone else. Do not ever mention anything about any election strategy to Jose Munoz or Mathew Cheng.. They will inform Roque and Sacco of your intentions.

  2. David Morrell worked for Chucky, and now he is supporting one of Roque’s puppet. What a joke!

    Jose Alcantara works at Scarinci law firm, be sold out to Roque with Frank.

    Vote for Ronald Scheurle, the only honest guy!