LETTER: The state AG should oversee the NB election, Wainstein supporter says


In a letter to the editor, attorney Mario Blanch, an ally of North Bergen mayoral hopeful Larry Wainstein, is calling on the state Attorney General to monitor the May 12 municipal election – one day after they raided the township’s Department of Parks and Public Property. 

Mario Blanch

Many in North Bergen are already aware of the corruption that has plagued North Bergen elections for decades, but few outside the town truly understand how deep the corruption runs and how distorted the democratic process has become.

Nick Sacco deploys his goon squad throughout the polling stations to intimidate and harass voters while violating election laws with impunity.

Following recent elections there were numerous reports of poll workers walking voters directly into the voting booths and telling them, often with the use of intimidation tactics, how to vote.

Perhaps more alarmingly, in the 2014 election last year, poll challengers that opposed the current administration had their tires slashed.

Further highlighting the circus that North Bergen elections have become, there is actually a polling station inside a bar where numerous acts of violence have been reported over the years.

There is hope, however, for North Bergen voters hoping to exercise their right to vote.

The acting Attorney General, John Jay Hoffman, has already shown intolerance for fraud and corruption as the Director of Investigations for the State Comptroller’s Office.

We have recently called upon our Attorney General for his help here in North Bergen.

We feel strongly that with his remarkable background investigating municipal corruption, our Attorney General will do what’s necessary to restore justice to North Bergen elections.

Specifically, we have requested that the Attorney General provide oversight to the upcoming May 12, 2015 Mayoral election and we are confident that he will step up and help North Bergen.

Hope is on the way for North Bergen voters looking to exercise their rights at the polls this May.

Mario M. Blanch, Esq.

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