LETTER: Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the Assembly, Carmelo Garcia says


In a letter to the editor, outgoing Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) thanks his constituents for giving him the “honor” to “advocate for the needs of the community and our city.”

Carmelo Garcia

Dear Hoboken and 33rd District residents,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the chance to represent you in the state’s General Assembly over the past two years.

The public trust of representing and advocating for your interests to improve our neighborhoods and the state of NJ is the highest honor a kid from the Hoboken Housing Authority could have imagined, and I am humbled to have served the community in this capacity. And we have accomplished so much in a very short time.

Dozens of bills I have sponsored have become law, and I have written legislation on your behalf to protect privacy rights, address transportation, help small businesses, halt excessive car-booting policies, prevent teen suicide, protect our seniors citizens, improve Alzheimer’s care, protect our pets and animals, improve public safety, and assist NJ commuters.

I have truly loved every minute I have served as your Assemblyman. During my time in office, I never forgot why I was there – to advocate for the needs of the community and our city – despite the often stormy conditions of Hoboken’s political climate.

Because, in finality, what matters most, to me, is you – the resident and the constituent. And far into the future, I will always remember the trust you placed in me to represent you.

As my tenure in the Assembly comes to a close, my commitment to public service will live on as I will always be your servant leader!

This may be the end of one chapter, but there is much more to be written as I look forward to the new chapters with my growing family & God guiding me with his light.

I will continue to advocate for you in whatever capacity I can, as when we stand up together, our voices can and will be heard as positive results are achieved. We have proven this over & over so, know that my love for you is always about hope, change and service to others.

I have always believed – and continue to believe – that together, “we can, we will, watch us” make a difference!

I wish every resident much success, blessings and happiness in the new year.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” JFK

Gratefully yours,

Carmelo G. Garcia, MSIS, IM, CPM

Assemblyman, 33rd District

Editor’s Note: Carmelo Garcia submitted this letter several days prior to yesterday’s submission from the Hoboken GOP.

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  1. You don’t represent me nor would I ever have a crook representing me!
    GFY you lying sociopath. What he did to so many people in the HHA is a disgrace.

  2. 1. Good riddance. Good luck getting a real job outside the political sector.

    2. If you did such a great job and enjoyed your time so much, why did you not run for office again? Was it your choice? Or do you have some sort of political master to whom you bow? And if so, you weren’t really in office as yourself, were you?

    3. Do you really think that attending some random program that happens to be held by Harvard really means you can put “Harvard” on your resume? Don’t you think that’s a little misleading?

    4. What’s up with those generators in the parking lot?

    5. Did you use your assembly fund to pay for your failed city council race? If so, is that legal or ethical? And why were your election reports, which were due long before election day, not submitted until months later?

    6. Where did you get the envelopes and taxpayer-funded postage to send your council campaign correspondence to the 6th Ward residents? Was that a mistake? A favor? An ethical lapse?

    7. Did you urinate on someone’s apartment door? Do you think that’s normal or appropriate behavior?

  3. The only person you should thank is Brian Stack for letting you be in that position for a few years. The rest of us can thank Brian Stack today for seeing you for what you are and dropping you.

    Do us all a favor and don’t run for anything ever again. Good riddance