LETTER: State Senator Cunningham standing up for NJ college students


In a letter to the editor, Executive Vice President of the College Democrats of New Jersey Demetrius Terry praises state Senator Sandra Cunningham (D-31) for standing up for college students. Sandra Cunningham

Dear Editor,

As a college leader in the State of New Jersey, I would like to thank Senator Sandra Cunningham for continuing to stand up for college students in New Jersey.

While Governor Christie continues to attack higher education, she continues to fight for all students in our state.

Under Governor Christie, he has continued to attack the Educational Opportunity Fund, and she fights him every step of the way to ensure our most vulnerable students are not forgotten about.

Our higher educational system is in a crisis with constant hikes in tuition and fees, and students graduating with loads of student debt.

I am looking forward to having a roundtable discussion with members of the New Jersey Senate and Assembly Higher Education Committee to discuss ways to make life easier for college students in New Jersey.

There is no doubt addressing student loan reform and college affordability is a difficult task but our students can longer afford to suffer.

Demetrius M. Terry
Executive VP College Democrats of NJ

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