LETTER: Re-elect Murphy for his ‘steady & courageous leadership’ during the COVID-19 pandemic


In a letter to the editor, retired Jersey City educator and New Jersey Education Association member Perry Cecchini says that Gov. Phil Murphy (D) should be re-elected for his “steady and courageous leadership” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gov. Phil Murphy (D). Photo via Flickr.

Dear Editor,

In these trying times of COVID-19 and the ensuing Delta Variant, there has never been the fierce urgency of re-electing Governor Murphy.

His steady and courageous leadership since the onset has served to comfort New Jersey residents with swift mandates for mask and vaccines. The pandemic is an issue where most voters approve of the performance of Governor Murphy.

His mandates for schools have been timely and correct. He made the difficult decisions to impose lockdowns and then to ease restrictions based on SCIENCE!!!

His economic policies have helped to “level the playing field” with the long overdue raise of the minimum wage, paid family sick leave and tax fairness. The millionaire’s tax has served to be a bedrock of tax fairness leading to a fairer and stronger New Jersey.

No governor in the history of the State of New Jersey has done more to bolster and support the ailing pension system.

After years of neglect by administrations of both the Democratic and Republican Party, Governor Murphy made the first full payment last year and has made billions in payments to assist in the pensions of thousands of public workers, teachers, police, firefighters, and essential workers.

This while also providing needed tax relief to middle class families and increasing funding to the schools.

His opponent, an avid supporter of former President Trump, attended a ‘Stop the Steal” Rally and continues to push the “BIG LIE” regarding the 2020 Presidential election. Mr. Ciattarelli has a plan for the pensions also.

His plan is to SKIP the pension payment and jeopardize the status of the recently bolstered pension system.

He also has a plan that will make public workers in retirement lose health benefits. Benefits that were earned over decades of employment.

His Trump ideas have no place in New Jersey. We don’t need the regressive and outdated Republican policies of Chris Christie that led to the decline of New Jersey.

There has never been a more important election to keep New Jersey moving forward.

Voters are still reminded of the horrible days under former Governor Christie, Bridgegate and the economic collapse of New Jersey. Let’s keep the progress going. New Jersey has a budget surplus and an improved bond rating with Governor Murphy.

We need a steady and confident leader with experience and compassion for ALL its citizens. The choice is clear. Re-elect Governor Phil Murphy for a stronger and fairer New Jersey. We will not go back!!!

Perry Cecchini
Jersey City resident, retired teacher, and NJEA member

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