Bayonne Quick Chek employee charged with using phone to record man who was using restroom


A Bayonne Quick Chek employee was charged with using his cell phone to record a man who was using the restroom at the establishment, placing it inside the toilet paper dispenser, police said.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Samuel Portillo, 24, of Newark, was charged with invasion of privacy and an outstanding warrant, according to Police Capt. Eric Amato.

Portillo was taken into custody yesterday at approximately 3:14 a.m. from Quick Chek, located at 260-280 Broadway. Officers responded to the store on a report of a cell phone theft.

Upon arrival, officers were met by Portillo, an employee of Quick Chek, and a 27-year-old male patron who were arguing over the possession of a cell phone.

As officers began their investigation, the patron, who had possession of Portillo’s cell phone, advised the officers that Portillo had used the phone to record him as he utilized the restroom inside of the store.

According to the man, at approximately 3:00 a.m., he entered the store and asked Portillo if he may use the restroom. He allowed this, but entered the bathroom first to ensure it was clean.

After a few minutes, Portillo exited the restroom and allowed the patron to use it.

After approximately five minutes inside the restroom, the man observed a cell phone hidden inside of the toilet paper dispenser, which was actively recording him using the facilities.

He exited the restroom and confronted Portillo with his discovery, refusing to return the phone to Portillo. Portillo then notified the police of the victim’s refusal to return the phone.

The on-scene investigation resulted in the officers confirming that Portillo did record the victim as he utilized the restroom. Portillo was placed under arrest and charged with invasion of privacy.

During the arrest process, it was discovered that Portillo was wanted on an outstanding warrant issued out of Roselle Park and was also processed on this, authorities said.

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