LETTER: ‘Pace and ferocity of the personal attacks’ in Hoboken BOE race is unacceptable


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Paul Presinzano details why he feels the “pace and ferocity of the personal attacks” in the board of education race is unacceptable.

Paul Presinzano. Screenshot via YouTube.

Dear Editor,

In the Hoboken Board of Education election, I watched the numerous negative attacks on the Kids First slate 6-7-8.

They raised their hands to be involved in the democratic process of our town. Yet, they have been painted as monsters because they want to challenge the political machine in Hoboken.

The pace and ferocity of the personal attacks show “Leadership that Listens” won’t listen and need to fall back on toxic measures to try to win.

Is this the type of tactics you want in the Hoboken education process? You only get closer and stronger as a community when you listen and have productive conversations.

Hoboken chooses nonpartisan races to take the politics out of our local elections. Why is that ignored in this HBOE race? We should be open to new voices, ideas, and solutions.

Doing this allows our HBOE to become more robust each election cycle. John F Kennedy said at his 1961 inauguration “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.”

Paul Presinzano
Hoboken resident

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  1. The “pace and ferocity of personal attacks” on 2-3-4 have been unrelenting from the very beginning of election season. Where were you? At least you don’t hear them whining, “Boo hoo!” like you are. Whiny Paul.

    Who said Kids First were “monsters”? You did. No, KF aren’t “monsters,” they’re right-wing extremists. Different. Not monsters. LTL performed a service to the community by revealing that the KF slate was endorsed by radical alt-right PAC, NJ Project. Not “monsters”, but not right for Hoboken.

    • LTL have no platform and are hated for the 2-1 referendum. Grana violates pay to play laws by taking that architects bribe and reporting it on elec

    • Whoever decided that prattling on endlessly about a group nobody ever heard of would be an effective political strategy is dumber than dirt. But when tasked with defending the indefensible I guess the other choices weren’t great either. FWIW the bond and the mishandling of it were pretty indefensible but even more indefensible was the failure to learn a damn thing from the 2-1 vote against it. The inability to learn is not the best look for people running institutions of learning.

  2. Did anyone expect that Ravi Bhalla and his crew could ever be in a civil campaign ?

    Every time you think they hit a new low they they figure out a way to sink even lower.

    • What a dumb comment, no wonder no one pays attention to you and your “team”. Everything is always 100% over the top, Fox News has taugh you well. Like the boy who cried wolf. Maybe try having a normal, objective conversation some day instead of this hysterical chicken little routine, maybe people wouldn’t automatically write you off.

  3. This is one of the saddest attempts to be relevant I’ve ever read. Paul, you are either illiterate or you actively choose to make yourself seem stupid. Not sure which is a better look for you.

    Maybe stick to Twitter, that way your character count is capped and it limits the chances for you to look like an idiot.

    Also, how many residents are you paying from your silly slush fund association? Trying to buy votes already?

    • Unfortunately, the test results for the over 60% of students who’re socioeconomically disadvantaged are still tragically low, showing no improvement. The incumbent BOE and their supporters crow about their kids taking AP courses or sailing lessons or their college admits, but they never mention most of the kids the school district serves. Why? Because they’re self-interested. They don’t care about those poor kids, just their own. After all, who was that hockey rink for?

      Vote against LTL because the insular, group-think incumbent BOE board needs to be shaken up. We need a BOE that cares about ALL the children they serve, not just their own.

    • Suck on another bloated building budget Hoboken taxpayers ?

      You know Johnson is already working on one in secret. Your opinion means nothing to her.
      The contempt for any opinion other then her own is again on full display.

      What will your family and your neighbors have to give up to pay for another one of her expensive vanity project ?

  4. In 2021 Superintendent Christine Johnson told a reporter “I wanted the community to trust the public school system.”

    After her January surprise take it or leave it $235,000,000. new construction referendum and the massive tax increase it would cause Hoboken voters rejected it by a decisive margin of two to one.

    They don’t trust the Superintendent.
    They have good reason to not trust her.
    Why should they?