Davis praises Piechocki’s service on Bayonne BOE, slams ‘shameful’ detractors


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis is praising now former City Board of Education Trustee Chris Piechocki for his service on the board, calling it “shameful” for people to spread rumors and innuendo about his resignation.

Chris Piechocki

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Yesterday afternoon I was informed of Mr. Piechocki’s decision to step down from his position as a Trustee of the Bayonne Board of Education,” Davis said in a statement released minutes ago.

“In late 2014, I chose Chris as what would be the final Mayoral appointment to the Board of Education before the switch to a Type II School District and an elected Board; a switch I both advocated for during my campaign for Mayor, and in the formative days of my term.”

Piechocki, a former education who currently works as a real estate agent, was one of the two “Kids First” team members (four were endorsed by Davis) elected to the Bayonne BOE in November. The other Kids First member elected was Denis Wilbeck.

Davis implied that Piechocki’s decision to resign was due to a dire family situation, and without naming names, slammed a story in the Bayonne Local blog, as well as those perpetuating the narrative, that trustee’s resignation was related to an ongoing federal investigation.

“Chris’ decision to step down from the Board, while unfortunate, is completely understood. Public service is a noble calling, but I am firm in my belief that family should always come first, especially in a time of crisis.”

“To those who choose to engage in the spread of baseless rumors and innuendo about his decision: Your actions are shameful. May you never have to endure the suffering that he or his family has over the past year.”

Davis also offered a “heartfelt thanks” to Piechocki for his service on the board, also offering his “thoughts and prayers to him and his family during this very difficult time.”

Piechocki told Hudson County View that his brother is suffering from brain cancer and is currently under hospice care, which was why he had to resign at this time – despite being re-elected to the board just three months ago.

He declined to comment further since he just arrived at his brother’s house for the evening, however, he posted a more detailed explanation of his situation on Facebook last night:

Piechocki Facebook


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