Jersey City Police Sgt. Corso’s ‘highly intoxicated’ incident makes ‘Inside Edition’


Jersey City Police Sgt. Vincent Corso being pulled over while he was “highly intoxicated” in January 2014, yet never charged, was featured on an “Inside Edition” segment detailing police officers receiving “professional courtesy” from other departments.


When Inside Edition producer Charlie McLravy asked Corso whether he found it fair that he “got a break when other citizens would go to jail for what happened,” Corso did not respond.

The segment, which first aired on Thursday, took a look at officers getting a slap on the wrist from other departments when they were pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.

As Real Jersey City first reported back in May 2015, Corso was pulled over in Robbinsville on January 30, 2014 for speeding and having a tail light out, before the Robbinsville officer deemed Corso “highly intoxicated.”

When a second officer responded to the scene, he declared “You are so f****** up right now you can’t even speak right” when addressing Corso.

The incident was caught on a dashboard camera and ultimately ended by having Robbinsville police allow a colleague of Corso to come and pick him up.

Based on information obtained via an Open Public Records Act request submitted to the City of Jersey City on March 28th, Corso began working for the department on July 6th, 1993 and as of January 1st of this year, earns an annual salary of $134,765.

Former NYPD Sergeant Joe Giacalone watched the surveillance footage of the traffic stop and told Inside Edition: “This should never happen.”

“Someone could be killed drunk driving. This is something that really upsets me. Police chiefs need to wake up and smell the coffee here so to speak.”

A spokesman for the Jersey City Police Superior Officers Association, of which Corso is a member, deferred comment to the city – who did not immediately return an email seeking comment this morning.

However, during the news clip, a quote attributed to “a Jersey City police spokesman” said Corso would be “appropriately disciplined” for the incident.

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  1. I had one case where my car was hit by Jersey City Police officer (drunk) hit my car in the rear while my car was parked in front of my house in Jersey City Heights. Police came in, and a report was issued. 4 years later, I went to exchange my car for a new one at the dealer. My car Carfax report said, I hit that officer’ car. Can you believe it? An inside job.

  2. But wait!!! Ontop of that, did you see how much he makes? Like that has anything to do with the article? They earn good salaries. . Sign me up!!