Jersey City cop: Our top priority is finding shooter who injured 18-month-old baby


Jersey City Police Lt. Ilias Voutsas said “there is nothing more prevalent and important to us right now” than identifying the shooter that injured an 18-month-old baby on December 26 during a community forum at the Hank Gallo Center last night.


Mina Beshay, an 18-month-old baby, got struck in the face by a bullet that went through the back windshield of his father’s car on December 26th (h/t The Jersey Journal).

The incident inevitably came up at last night’s community meeting in Lincoln Park that largely focused on public safety.

“I’m a parent: I have two children at home, one in college. 80 percent of our officers are parents. There is nothing more prevalent and important to us right now than that shooting,” Voutsas said in response to a question from an audience member.

“I cannot specifically discuss details of that case because it’s still an active investigation, but I’m extremely confident with the leads our cease fire unit has already developed and the information that our patrol officers have gotten back – many who have come in on their own time to work extended shifts.”

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