LETTER: Longtime Hoboken ‘reformer’ wants council to appoint him to NHSA


In a letter to the editor, Kurt Gardiner, a former freeholder candidate who describes himself as a longtime “reformer” in the city,” is letting the council know he wants to be appointed to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority.

Kurt Gardiner, Facebook photo.
Kurt Gardiner, Facebook photo.

Dear editor, Hoboken City Council members and Hoboken residents:

I have submitted my application for the North Hudson Sewerage Authority as a Commissioner for a vacancy on the board that comes up next month.

For over 10 years I have been active in Hoboken political and civic affairs.

I have served as a member on People For a Open Government in support of pay to play reform, Hoboken Revolt a tax watchdog group, ran a good government pro reform website called the Hoboken Journal actively until 2011 on local issues and participated in numerous public meetings including Sewerage Board, City Council, School Board, Hospital Authority and many others over the years.

I also ran for Freeholder in 2011 to give voters a choice and highlight the County taxation issues that find Hoboken getting the short end of the stick.

As a dedicated reformer and good government advocate for many years I have a skill set that I know can contribute to the sewerage board’s continued progress.

I have an extensive background in project management, budgeted for multimillion dollar projects, I am familiar with procurement processes given my Enterprise Resource Planning experience, and a passion for policy as it pertains to infrastructure improvement such as traffic management and flood abatement to name a few.

For those reasons I am a strong candidate to serve on the board. I believe that this vacancy should go to a supporter of good government and to someone who is willing to communicate effectively with the public and current administration and I possess the desire and capabilities to do so.

It is time Hoboken capitalized on the political capital that the good government movement has earned fairly at the ballot box and bring some fresh ideas to the board to address sewage issues comprehensibly, cooperatively and openly.

For those reasons I am asking support from the City Council for this upcoming appointment to the North Hudson Sewerage Authority as Commissioner.

If any member of the City Council, public, or press has any questions you can reach me at Kurt.gardiner@gmail.com.

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  1. The third to last statement is garbage. Kurt is another Zimmer-Grossbard soldier that does not stand for the community-at-large – as can be readily sean from his blog. He is also tight w the two major toxic bloggers.He had run for several offices unsuccessfully, so it is fair to say the people have already rejected his candidacy for an elected or appointed office.

    • As usual your opinions are “interesting” but short on accuracy. Kurt may have lost a Freeholder election that was a word of mouth campaign but I tell you what, he knows how to get the proper petitions done to get on a ballot. Not everyone can it seems these days. Some senior citizen woman claimed all sorts of nonsense when she couldn’t get it done for city council. Of course in reality the issue was no one would sign her petitions.

    • Have you looked into the mirror lately Melissa. The repeated ugly lies you spit out day in and day out are making lines on your face. It isn’t pretty.

      Kurt Gardiner has never stood for any cult of the individual. From what I’ve seen, he’s always been about finding good positions on the issues and shown a willingness to work with everyone. Before Beth Mason betrayed her phony reform cred, he gave her a chance too. When the Russo Clan put up Mason’s mug on their windows for mayor, he quickly reported on that fact. It’s what he did for a good long time on the Hoboken Journal.

      He’s definitely friendly with the Reform websites in Hoboken. He’s friendly actually with all people of good will in Hoboken. That’s always been his personality.

      Your facts are muddied by your wacky hatreds of truth and reality. As far as I know, Kurt Gardiner only ran for a major office once in 2011 for Freeholder.

      He not only earned the most votes of any independent in Hudson County, he received the most votes of any candidate running against the Hudson County Machine! Anyone who saw his platform for good government at the county level was obviously equally impressed.

      Ok, let’s leave Melissa to her twisted, inverted reality but just one question. Why do you support the absolute worst elements in local government?

  2. He’s just another in a long line of self-described “reformers”. He has actually contributed nothing to the good of the community. He’s been a mouthpiece for the Zimmer Administration when they were in need of a big mouth to tout their ineptitude. His “participation” at public meetings generally involved taking photos that would later be used as part of the Zimmer propaganda machine. Allowing him to serve on any public board or authority would only serve to confirm Zimmers lack of desire to find quality applicants.

    • 3:26 am!!! Oy vey indeed! You and Mel B, if you are different people or personalities, really should look to get some sleep.

      Pretty unhealthy lifestyle you have. Maybe that’s why Zimmer is in your head so much. Not enough rest

    • “Oy vey” Perry K., don’t you need to get sleep so you can post fresh garbage in the morning that no one reads? I hear your former ghostwriter threw you so far under the bus you adhered to the engine.

  3. License to discriminate? …all people of good will rather than the entire community. I spirit hell bent on obscuring you are. So Kurt ran for one “major” office. That is how twisting works in this town. Change one word to try to make the statement false. Sorry cheap PR tricks do not work for the more intelligent majority in this town who are disgusted with the lies of this admin. And Ms Lisa don’t you worry about me looking pretty :).