Jersey City bodycam footage shows cops exchanging fire in domestic terrorism incident


Bodycam footage from the Jersey City Police Department obtained by the Associated Press shows officers exchanging fire with two armed assailants during the December 10th domestic terrorism incident that claimed four innocent lives.

The AP reported last night that they obtained seven videos that span over about three hours from the shootout on Martin Luther King Drive that occured over two months, giving an up close and personal look at the tragedy as it unfolded.

“I think he’s down. No he’s still moving,” an unidentified officer, shooting out the window of the Catholic elementary school from across the street, can be heard saying through consistent waves of gunfire.

The shooters, David Anderson and Francine Graham, were both found killed inside the JC Kosher Supermarket after claiming the lives of Police Det. Joseph Seals, Mindel Ferencz, Douglas Miguel Rodriguez, and Moshe Deutsch.

The incident remains under investigation, though federal authorities revealed last month that Anderson and Graham had initially had even more sinister intentions in mind, noting that they had planned to open fire on an unnamed Jewish community center in Bayonne.

Law enforcement officials had previously confirmed that the shooters had anti-Semitic and anti-police beliefs.

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