In midst of FBI investigation, Union City CDA being ‘reorganized’


As the FBI probes the Union City Community Development Agency (CDA) regarding an alleged scheme to rig the contractor selection process, the department is being “reorganized” by the city, according to a memo exclusively obtained by Hudson County View. 


Dating back to December, three individuals – including a former Union City CDA employee – have been charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for their alleged roles in a scheme to illegally rig the contractor selection process of the agency.

The Union City CDA receives federal funding the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, better known as HUD.

In a memo dated June 16 from Judith Gottlieb, a personnel consultant, writes:

“For efficiency and operating purposes, it has been determined that the Community Development personnel under the Community Development Agency within the Department of Revenue and Finance will be reorganized.”

When Hudson County View visited Union City City Hall today, the CDA office appeared empty and a sign on the door said:

“For CDA parking lots [sic] payment(s), RURA, or anything related to CDA please contact Kennedy NG in [sic] the second floor.”

According to the city’s official website, the agency only has six employees and the Director is Kennedy Ng – also a Union City Board of Education trustee.

The only former employee implicated in the FBI’s probe of the UCCDA is Johnny Garces, who also used to sit on the city’s board of education.

The other two charged in the probe are contractors Joseph Lado, formerly of Lado Construction, and Leovaldo Fundora, formerly of Falcon Remodeling.

Maryury Martinetti, the Union City Commissioner of Revenue and Finance, declined to comment when asked about the reorganization of the CDA.

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  1. Is this the same Maryury Martinetti, who is married to the head of the building department, the head of the Union City Housing Authority, part time employee in Weehawken, and sits on the North Hudson Regional Fire Board? Yes, we mean you Martin Martinelli who wants to see Brian Stack go down so his wife Maryury can be the Mayor. Think again son, it not going to happen. Maryury cannot even run your house, you think she can run a city.