Report: Already controversy over West New York CFO’s new salary in Paterson


Outgoing West New York Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Margaret Cherone is already facing scrutiny over her new salary as the Paterson finance director, due to $28,000 received in retroactive pay one month prior to resigning in West New York, according to a report by the Paterson Press. 

Margaret Cherone

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

According to the report, Paterson officials cited Cherone’s $153,000 salary in West New York as the main reason to hire her as the city finance director at $140,000.

The Paterson Press added that according to documents, Cherone signed off on three sheets authorizing retroactive raises on May 4 of this year.

At last week’s West New York meeting where a $76 million budget with a 3.82 percent tax increase was introduced, the town also approved a resolution authorizing a CFO search.

Cherone was appointed as Paterson finance director at the Paterson City Council’s June 10 meeting, but City Council Finance Chairman Kenneth Morris has already questioned the salary, the Press wrote.

Their report was published on last night.

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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this was all Roque’s idea, so she would leave and get a better salary and he could put in one of his dirty cronies in her place.

  2. Roque starting to rid all the Scarinci/Sacco appointees in WNY as he takes back the power.

    Watch, Cosmo will be out within a year. Roque is already plotting. Yes Cosmo will be put aside again. Roque and his Castro trained people will prevail.

    Albio is now the Shadow figure behind the Curtain in WNY.
    Sacco time to fade away………. Felix Roque Jail awaits you eventually.

  3. Mayor Felix Roque is not happy his Son Joseph did not get the County Job he wanted.
    Now Mayor Roque wants to appoint his Son Joseph to the Parking Authority as Director?
    Will the forces running/robbing West NY want this?

    It has been said BOE President Rodas’s brother already with a no show job at the Parking Authority might get the Director Job or a huge pay raise also.