In midst of civil war, warning shots fired at Roque, Colacurcio in West New York


As Hudson County politics become volatile ahead of next year’s county executive race, three West New York officials fired warning shots at Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Sue Colacurcio at last night’s meeting. 

Earlier this week, three of the five commissioner sitting upon the dais endorsed Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise for re-election, while Roque has backed Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop/state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack’s team to replace him.

Those facts seemed particularly evident just minutes into last evening’s West New York Board of Commissioners meeting.

“There’s a motion to replace Commissioner Colacurcio in the Department of Revenue and Finance with Commissioner Rodriguez,” Department of Public Affairs Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo said to Corporation Counsel Donald Scarinci about a possible add-on resolution.

“That’s what this resolution is,” chimed in Department of Public Works Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez.

A visibly annoyed Scarinci responded that it would be “illegal” to introduce this type of legislative action on a whim.

“There’s a requirement … so, you can do it, call a special meeting after we’ve had time to prepare … if you do it now, it’s an illegal resolution,” corporation counsel asserted.

Following Scarinci’s advice, Roque implored his colleagues not to call a vote on this matter yet.

“We don’t want to do an illegal resolution, so what I recommend, is if there is a change to be made, we can wait ’til the next town meeting and do it.”

However, Cirillo and Rodriguez weren’t convinced, with the latter making a motion and the former seconding that motion.

Both the vote to make Rodriguez the Commissioner of Revenue and Finance and the vote to make Colacurcio, who has not weighed in on the county executive race, the Commissioner of DPW passed by a tally of 1-3(1), with Colacurcio voting no and Roque abstaining.

Afterwards, the mayor seemed perplexed as to what just happened, since it was not mentioned during closed session.

“This is something that if you would’ve brought it up to our attention, we would’ve voted on it. So it’s well-taken your concern, we have to do what’s in the best interests of the town … and nothing that is illegal, thank you.”

While it remains up in the air whether those votes will stand, Roque got kicked while he was down as the board voted down re-appointing Armando Alvarez, an ally of the mayor,  to the local parking authority board – where he currently serves as vice chairman.

The measure failed 2-3, with Cirillo, Rodriguez and Commissioner of Cultural Affairs/Parks and Public Property Margarita Guzman voting no, again prompting a response from Roque.

“What I really would appreciate, next time, if you guys have a question beforehand, please come to me: we can be decent and talk about it.”

After the meeting, Scarinci appeared fit to be tied, having a lengthy discussion with Cirillo, Rodriguez and Guzman that went on for at least a half hour after the session had been adjourned.

Speaking with Hudson County View afterwards, Roque had nothing bad to say about any of his fellow commissioners and stated that didn’t blame anything that transpired on politics.

“This is government, strictly government, we don’t play politics here. And again, I have a lot of respect for all my commissioners, whatever they decide to go, as far as political, I’m okay with it.”

Roque’s full interview can be seen below:

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  1. I applaud the Commisioners who had an Independent thought for once. Manny Diaz is a disbarred Attorney, convicted drug dealer,
    and receives an annual salasry over 100K, his wife Gina Miranda Diaz ( aka Dr.) is the tyrant of the West New York health department. Please bring this towns salaries to the normal wage, and stop with the political patronage jobs . Please don’t forget Sylvio Acosta ( DPW supervisor) no credentials for that job. Last but not least EX CONVICTED COMMISIONER VARGAS who wound up on his feet at the WNY PARKING AUTHORITY.

  2. Time for Cosmo to breakaway from the systemic corruption which has plagued the town. Cosmo for WNY mayor 2019! The Roques should be behind bars. Cosmo you got this!

    • Cosmo doesn’t have the b*lls to run a town as Mayor, he is a follower NOT a leader. He is a snake who has stabbed anyone and anybody he can to get where he is. So for the 4 people that will vote for him GOOD LUCK.

  3. Yes, many changes are ahead for WNY. The first order of business for whoever takes over as mayor needs to be the immediate removal of Manny Diaz and his tyrant wife Gina Diaz. I cannot believe this guy has a job after his disgraced arrest for attempting to smuggle narcotics. As for Gina, no mayor in the county wanted to touch her with a 10 foot pole. It took her husband months of begging various mayors to give his wife a job. If you speak to anyone that has dealings with her in the county and throughout the state, they say she is just awful and ignorant to the public health industry. She forced her way into WNY and forced out Vinny Revelli after 30 years of service.

  4. Criminals are attracted to the Roque administration like magnets. From Many Diaz the disbarred attorney and former cocaine dealer to Ruben Vargas, who pled guilty to fraud but still has a job in town. Syvlio Acosta leads the DPW despite his 54 violations and Joseph Roque the computer hacker now has access to the towns confidential records.

    When Cosmo takes over, he needs to surgically remove all traces of the disease of Roque which has infected the town.

  5. Vinny Revelli was an old school WNY guy with class who treated everyone with respect . He is only one of many treated unfairly. If you look at the number of law suit settlements and the $$$$ amount we were responsible for paying out it’s mind boggling. Many of the employees were replaced with convicted criminals and friends or relatives of Mayor Roque . The Roque Administration is split and it’s time for us to back the elected officials ready stop acting like a criminal enterprise .

  6. This could have been handled better. If this microcosm of County Politics does not subside, then we may be seeing the return of Assemblyman Jose Arrango and Mayor Brett Shundler, both republicans. Politicians who aspire to bigger offices should count the cost when going after fellow democrats. If this keeps up, we could have a republican congressman or two in Hudson County. Work out your differences behind closed doors, while listening to Kumbaya by The Seekers.