Op-Ed: Vaccinations are the best way to prevent the severe impacts of COVID-19, Hoboken BA says


In an editorial, Hoboken Business Administrator Jason Freeman shares his thoughts on why vaccinations are the best way to prevent the severe impacts of COVID-19 in light of the city mandating inoculations or testing/mask wearing for municipal employees.

On Friday, July 29th , 2021 Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla signed an Executive Order requiring all City of Hoboken Employees to show proof of vaccination or submit a negative COVID test result on a weekly basis.

This was the latest in a string of preventative measures we have taken since March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Hoboken. Throughout this pandemic, our City of Hoboken employees have shown incredible flexibility and adaptability.

They’ve successfully navigated new check-in protocols, new work schedules, social distancing guidelines, and mask requirements.

Their participation in these forward-thinking, preventative measures, put in place by the Mayor, have led to zero outbreaks of COVID-19 in City Hall. Zero. And for the employees who did contract COVID-19, everyone has since made full recoveries.

A lot of this success can be attributed to our vaccinated employees. The easiest way to prevent oneself from dealing with the severe impacts of COVID-19 is to get vaccinated. Period. Hard stop.

My family and I were vaccinated the first day we got the call saying it was our turn. I believe in vaccines, I support the science behind them, and I know that they are saving countless lives across the globe.

If there are people who do not want to get vaccinated, while I may not agree with that choice, I recognize they may not yet feel fully comfortable with a vaccine (although
proven to be safe) still in “Emergency Use Authorization.”

So, as we began to watch numbers of cases rise, we knew we had to put in place additional
preventative measures to continue to keep our employees as safe as possible, while also
keeping City Hall open and functioning, but had to honor and respect those who were uneasy about vaccines.

So, we chose to offer two ways to adhere to the policy – proof of vaccination or proof of a negative test and wearing a mask.

Quickly after announcing this policy, I began to receive emails and social media notifications invoking Nazi Germany policy, the Nuremberg Code, and other Holocaust associations.

This is as a false and offensive of a comparison as you can you find.

The Nuremberg Code was a set of research ethics created from the Nuremberg Trials after
World War Two where Nazis were tried for their war crimes, specifically the attempted
extermination of among others, Jews, prisoners of war, LGBTQ individuals, Gypsies, and those with disabilities.

A vaccine and testing policy, created and distributed to save lives is being compared to the
policies of Nazis who aimed to destroy entire races of people.

I know the impacts of the Holocaust better than most. My grandmother and great grandparents escaped Austria after it was taken over by Germany, because their landlord lied to the authorities about them being Jewish.

They were the lucky ones. Six million other Jews were not.

Life right now is hard, and at times, uncertain. But that is not an excuse to use extremist
language when speaking about vaccines or testing protocols.

This is not only unhelpful, but also offensive and actively jeopardizes the safety of our neighbors. White Nationalism is on the rise.

AntiSemitic incidents are up 75% in New Jersey in the last year. Hate Crimes against Asian
Americans are up 149% since last year.

And that rise is aided every time the vaccine is falsely equated to anything related to Nazi

We do not know what the COVID-19 pandemic will hand us next; 4.2 million people worldwide have already died, over 600,000 in the United States. But we cannot use that as an excuse to forget history or gloss over the science that vaccines are effective.

Each one of us must continue to do our part to keep ourselves and our communities, as safe as possible and beat back this virus.

Jason Freeman
Business Administrator, City of Hoboken

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  1. Dr. Jason says of the global data observed failing non-vaccine, “I support the science behind them.” Actual virologists and scientists SUPPORT SCIENCE applying the scientific method with actual global data and evidence against mandating any universal Big Pharma jab. Pfizer itself admits the vaccine’s fail rate now pushing a new Pfizer drug along with booster shots which no doubt will boost their billions in profits. Natural immunity which counts the vast majority of Americans in its ranks is shown durable unlike the failing non-vaccine.

    Have you heard of a nation called Israel, Jason? Do you know the vast majority of people infected, hospitalized and died in recent days all had the Pfizer jab? The vast majority! What about Sweden? See if you can find anything in the news about Sweden which doesn’t crush their people’s liberties, their economy or attempt to coerce workers to be jabbed. Sweden current fatalities due to the virus stands at zero virus deaths in recent days. Zero as in, none. Can you count to zero Jason or do you need a business administrators 101 course to help?

    Did you know that the jabbed in the US are officially into six figures infected with the virus even as the US government conveniently stopped counting that category in May? The Massachusetts party early last month saw 75% of its infected among hundreds all received the jab. In California, San Francisco Health is seeing lots of new virus infected patients and almost all of them were jabbed ℅ Big Pharma.

    Didn’t you hear Dr. Fauci and Surgeon General Vivek Murthy spewing Big Lies in recent days it’s almost 100% of the unvaccinated being infected in the US? A lawsuit to obtain the actual data went to court and Dr. Fauci and co. tried to stop the scientific data from being seen by the public but lost in court. So last Friday, the truth started to “leak” out.

    Former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson crushed their Big Lies the unvaccinated should see their clothing starred and their ranks targeted for hate and discrimination:

    Are the unvaccinated the present-day Jews, fair game to be targeted by modern day Nazis? Or do you prefer a NKVD uniform comrade? Get fitted for the collectivist totalitarian uniform of your choice.

    If you don’t want to be compared to the Nazis and like-minded collectivist Communist totalitarians, maybe you should actually learn about the Nuremberg Code and the violation in attempting to coerce and mandate people to take a non-FDA approved drug.

    Ravi Bhalla nor you have any right to coerce any American to be jabbed by Big Pharma. No one has the authority to expose Hoboken taxpayers to lawsuits for illegally attempting to coerce employees to be stuck with any experimental drug Big Pharma puts up and which holds no FDA approval.

    Stop embarrassing yourself Jason and get educated. The false collective of a non-vaccine and unscientific and useless face masks (as Dr. Fauci’s private email stated) is not an answer by any virologist or serious person. Stop the attacks on the rights of Americans with falsified claims it has anything to do with science.


  2. Seems like an unnecessary amount of words to use to describe your feelings on things.

    Would have been far more efficient to just say, “I am anti-Semite who cherry picks “facts.””

    • Looks like Ravi’s office operatives like “Christine” are all out of points to argue data and evidence in science. Isn’t Alex Berenson himself Jewish?

      Berenson who visited Auschwitz and is disturbed by the authoritarian zeal being ramped up against citizens actually wrote about that visit to the concentration camp only yesterday:

      Good “work” courtesy of the mayor’s office braintrust “Christine.”

      Berenson as so many Americans are being censored by a very public Fascist Alliance: the federal government in Joe Bien and Big Tech Oligarchs. Berenson dared to share Pfizer’s information on their failed trial showing more patients died with the Pfizer jab than those who did not. The State did not approve.

      New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the same man who sent seniors to their deaths by the thousands putting infected patients into senior facilities when told the dangers of doing so is publicly making a call to private companies to inflict the failing jab on employees. Enlisting private companies to force employees to take the jab is not smart, it’s not based on evidence and data in science and it may create more virulent variants which should question the lack of science in doing so. That’s only for starters. In addition to the thousands killed and far more injured, the longer term effects of the jab are not known. Why should anyone be forced to get a jab when those who are at risk at elderly, obese and diabetes being the highest risk factors? Everyone else has a near 100% likelihood of not being harmed.

      Besides, why should Hoboken people have less rights than any other American? Sounds discriminatory and wait for it…racist.

      But isn’t that to be expected from the faces of totalitarians: the fascists and communists, comrade?