In first TV ad, Team Davis touts city improvements, new development in Bayonne


In their first cable TV ad, Mayor Jimmy Davis’ slate touts making major improvements to city parks, revitalizing Broadway and attracting new development to create millions in tax revenue. 

“Mayor Jimmy Davis is delivering for Bayonne: he’s renovating city parks and expanding recreation programs, revitalizing Broadway with hundreds of new businesses and attracting new development that means millions in new tax revenue and higher property values,” a female voiceover says in the 30-second TV spot that came out on Friday.

“Mayor Davis is finally making MOTBY work with thousands of new jobs, new residential housing, Costco and Starbucks coming soon and a commuter ferry to New York opening this year. Re-elect Mayor Jimmy Davis and his team: they’re building Bayonne’s future today.”

Last month, Davis revealed that a request for proposals for a commuter ferry to Manhattan will be released soon, just two days later announcing that industrial warehouses being built at the former Military Ocean Terminal will create 2,700 new jobs.

“I’m proud to be from Bayonne and to see all the progress our city is making together. This election is about the progress that residents are seeing all over our city and the forward momentum our team and the residents have built together,” Davis said in a statement.

“My campaign slogan is ‘I Love Bayonne,’ and that says it all.”

The day prior, the Davis campaign was dealt another blow by labor super PAC stronger Foundations, Inc., who had previously accused the incumbent of giving out “secret tax breaks” and approving “sweetheart deals for big developers.”

“Oh this book’s a classic: irresponsible government by Jimmy Davis. Let’s see: we have three parts embarrassing lawsuits that will cost taxpayers millions, one dash of sexual harassment allegations and scandal, sprinkle in nearly 40 taxpayer-funded giveaways to developers, and one heaping glob of hypocrisy,” the 30-second spot says.

“Jimmy Davis is a recipe for disaster. On May 8th, tell Jimmy Davis no to re-election and bon appetit!”

After a year-long court battle, the City of Bayonne finally released a $1.5 million police brutality lawsuit settlement to The Jersey Journal and Davis and his opponent, former Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell, traded blows over who was really at fault.

Davis’ critics have also continued to talk about a “sexting” lawsuit filed by a former City Hall employee alleging that he abused his office. The mayor has previously denied the allegations in the suit.

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local (IUOE) 825 endorsed O’Donnell back in November.

This is relevant since Stronger Foundations Inc., is run byChristopher Lalevee, the brother of Greg Lalevee – who is the business manager of IUOE Local 825.

In addition to the two five-person slates, Dr. Mitchell Brown is also seeking the mayor’s seat as an independent, while Zoning Board Chairman Mark Urban is running for councilman of the 3rd Ward.

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  1. Don’t forget the mosques and closing all but one Catholic school.
    The people who grew up there are being forced out with property taxes that dominate household budget that is forcing the middle class out. Soon Bayonne will consist of those living off Section 8 and those that have the means to pay extraordinary rents and property