Hudson, federal officials support Prieto-Sacco bill to ban tourist helicopters


A slew of Hudson County officials gathered at the Weehawken Ferry Terminal Wednesday afternoon to support a bill that will be introduced by Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) and State Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) that could potentially ban tourist helicopters in New Jersey once and for all. 


” … I’m going to propose legislation, I wanted to announce it today, that would call on the commissioner of DOT [department of transportation] to prohibit helicopters from state-owned facilities,” Prieto said at the podium.

“And I think that’ll be something that sends a loud and clear message [of[ how important this is.”

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer was one of several other local officials who spoke passionately about the subject.

“This is really important legislation to improve the quality of life of all New Jerseyans in northern Hoboken and I hope that it will receive unanimous support from the legislature,” she said.

Zimmer stated that if New York does not adopt similar legislation, they should keep the helicopters on “their side of the river, because we don’t want them and we can’t take it anymore.”

When answering questions from the media after the press conference concluded, Prieto and Menendez clarified that every heliport that allows helicopters to take flight is licensed by the state of New Jersey, therefore, the bill in question would potentially regulate which types of helicopters could take off or be stored in New Jersey.

Prieto further elaborated on the subject in a brief interview with Hudson County View.

Other officials on hand for the event included Freeholder Chairman E. Junior Maldonado, Hoboken Freeholder Anthony Romano, Jersey City Freeholder Gerry Balmir, West New York Commissioners Gabriel Rodriguez and Cosmo Cirillo, Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason, and the co-founder of advocacy group Stop the Chop New Jersey, Brian Wagner, among many others.

Officials gathered for a similar united effort in Hoboken back in October.

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  1. Proud that my NJ leadership is taking a stand against this useless, noisy, disruptive, and unhealthy air traffic over our shores. The Helicopter industry will raise its volume and cry bs because they want more money – they’ve had years of opportunity to work with advocacy groups to reach a mutually agreeable stance. But as they refuse to acknowledge the citizens groups and choose to go the route of pushing more and more helicopters in their air, they’ve clearly indicated the PROFITS come before safety and quality of life. They’ll claim we should move or that it’s not our right to defend our skies or that tourists have a ‘right’ – but they’re wrong. These helicopters haven’t always been here, but residents have been here for decades. The noise and air pollution caused are a violation to the citizens of NJ and NY.

  2. As a Hoboken resident for many, many years I am very grateful for their efforts, and sincerely hope this legislation is passed. What is happening over the Hudson is truly getting out of hand. During the warmer months, and the Christmas holidays helicopters were in constant flight over head … the noise is very disturbing and most certainly intrudes on our quality of life. You can’t get out from under it. It sounds like a war zone.

  3. I sincerely hope this legislation is passed. What is happening over the Hudson is terrible. During warmer months helicopters are overhead on a continuous rotation up and down the river… passing by within seconds of each other … as a resident of Hoboken I can tell you it is awful.

  4. so what is going on with this, i still see the choppers flying on a daily basis. shame on deblasio for not signing this and banning this noise pollution once and for all. does anyone care about our quality of life?
    we have enough noise on land, do we really have to have it in tyhe sky as well. we have airplanes landing at LGA every 30 seconds all day long and tourist helicopters every minute till 7pm give me a break already