Kwadir Felton goes on the record about his past, aims to make positive impact with his future


Kwadir Felton – blinded by a gunshot during an encounter with a Jersey City police officer, and currently serving time in South Woods State Prison on drugs and weapons convictions – talked about his past, present, and future.

In a sit-down interview with Hudson County View from South Woods State Prison, Kwadir Felton – sentenced to 16 years with 6 years of parole ineligibility on various drug and weapons convictions – talked about his past, present, and future, starting from his childhood.

Felton, who was convicted on second-degree conspiracy for his alleged role in a narcotics ring, spoke about his level of involvement with drug dealing and prior drug use.

In addition, he spoke about his version of the night he was shot in the head by Jersey City Police Sgt. Thomas McVicar, starting from him leaving a baby shower at the Bethune Center en route to his then-girlfriend’s residence.

Felton, who was also convicted on second-degree charges of unlawful possession of a gun and possession of a gun for an unlawful purpose, continued to deny that he had a gun that night.

Looking towards the future, Felton spoke about what he plans to do with his life once he leaves prison, and if he harbors ill will for McVicar.

When asked, Felton said Pres. Barack Obama or Gov. Chris Christie could talk to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop as a reference if they were to consider granting him a pardon or commute his sentence.

Felton also spoke about whether educational services were being provided for him in the prison, and what he missed most in life since being incarcerated.

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  1. It is sad that this happened to him. As he stated no prints on a gun yet a convicted. I pray that the cop that shot him feels the wrath behind his behavior. As well as anyone else involved in this injustice.

  2. since he was found guilty of “conspiracy to distribute and/or conspiracy to possess controlled substances with intent to distribute PCP, heroin, and marijuana..well there you go what’s the problem?He was a dope dealer not an innocent teen