Ferreiro, Martell engage in verbal warfare with Count Wiley in West New York


Election season is evidently heating up in West New York as Frank Ferreiro, an enemy turned ally of Mayor Felix Roque, and town resident Ralph Martell went into attack mode against Commissioner Count Wiley – Roque’s main opponent for the May 12 municipal election – at yesterday’s board of commissioners meeting. 


“Do you live in West New York, do you even live here,” Ferreiro asked Wiley during the public portion of the meeting, also asking where the commissioners children went to school or if Wiley’s wife was a committeewoman in North Bergen.

Wiley seemed unfazed by the questioning.

“The guy’s a West New Yorker. I’m a die hard West New Yorker. I love this town,” Wiley said with a smile on his face, later stating that his wife Beatrice “bends over backwards” for West New York.

The exchange between the two quickly began to get hostile, which nearly led Revenue and Finance Commissioner FiorD’Aliza Frias to call for a recess in the meeting.

The tension in the room continued to rise when Martell, who was once a close ally of ex-Mayor Sal Vega, began to question Wiley about the legitimacy of the allegations made last week that board of education employee Rick Solares was participating in “illegal politicking” for the Roque campaign.


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  1. It looks like FRANK F. is on the Roque payroll now !!!…Just a year ago he was cutting the throat of ROQUE at every town meeting and there are videos on Youtube to prove this. I guess money does buy you votes and sex in WNY !…Shame on you John H. for not pointing out the facts. And you call yourself a reporter ???…

    • What facts are being omitted? Ferreiro is identified as an enemy turned ally for Roque in the write up and his title is listed as a Roque campaign worker in the video. I think that’s a pretty clear presentation of the facts.

  2. Okay John , I did miss a few words, but here is my point. Sometimes in Journalism you have to be like Geraldo Rivera and stick the Mic in someone’s face and tell them come clean to all these crooks. The worst that could happen is that they walk away and that makes for good video anyway. I know that may not be your style and you don’t have to take sides, but you can surely stick a Mic in someone’s face and tell them answer the questions. You have the right as a reporter to do that to anyone. All they can do is walk away. Good luck on your ventures.

  3. Frank was high on his weed when he made those anti Roque videos. He now only smoke crack. He admits all this. Frank did you bring drugs into town hall last night as you do when attending school’s for board meetings?

    • Mr. Martell this message is for you. John Heines is more than welcomed to clarify this video. I watched this again and you Mr. Martell, who calls yourself Carlos ” Chucky ” B. your best friend, you go on a rant and attack Wiley who put your man on his ticket ???… What kind of friend are you to Chucky ???…Maybe I missed something but with friends like you. I would have to trouble turning you over to the ” Mujahideen “… John clarify this .

      • Mr. Politico, Chuck is own is his own man, and makes his own choices. Additionally, I had resigned as his Campaign Manager, way before he chose to join Wiley. As for my friendship with Chuck, and my character, they are non of your concern. I am not a candidate, as such I do and say, as I like.

        However, as a sign of good faith, I thought I would clear the record. Nevertheless, I will say, and do as I like, as my only guide are my principles and my God.

        enjoy your day.

  4. Just to make things clears commissioner wiley lives in west New York! And my younger brother attends a west New York school. Me and my other siblings are either in college or already have careers! My parents are great people and I am so proud of them because they truly care for the people of west New York and do everything they can to make sure everyone is treated with respect. Me and my whole family support our dad because he is really trying to make a difference for the people of west New York.

  5. Mr. Politico ( “Pastor” Ralph) is a joke. Are you questioning John Heines integrity because he reports news that might not be favorable to your candidate? You should be more concerned when the IRS pays you a visit. Your cult is just a façade to defraud the government, and avoid paying taxes. I am sure the IRS will be happy to find out how you use your cult followers to advance your political agenda.

  6. Why, it was not the Mayor that went after my freind for political reasons. I only act, when my family and friends are attacked. Again, I was done, but as the old saying goes, never kick a hornets nest.