Hudson County to make pedestrian safety and traffic signal upgrades in Hoboken


The Hudson County government will make pedestrian safety and traffic signal upgrades in Hoboken at the intersection of 14th and Hudson Streets.

Hudson and 14th Streets. Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This is a prime example of an infrastructure project that will provide multiple benefits. The curb extensions will improve pedestrian safety by reducing crossing distances, keeping sightlines clear at the intersection, and slowing the speeds of turning vehicles,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“The curb extensions will also function as rain gardens, which will improve stormwater drainage and enhance the streetscape of 14th Street and Hudson Street. I want to thank Hudson County for being a great partner in assisting the City with the implementation of its Vision Zero Action Plan and modernizing Hoboken’s traffic signal network.”

The improvements curb extension rain gardens at all corners, ADA-compliant curb ramps with detectable warning surfaces at all corners, high-visibility crosswalks at all approaches, along with new, modern traffic signals with 12-inch LED signal faces.

“Hudson County is excited to work with the City of Hoboken to make these much-needed safety improvements at 14th & Hudson Streets,” noted County Commissioner Anthony Romano (D-5).

“The county shares with Hoboken the goal of increasing street safety for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. These upgrades will make this corner safer for the many young families, and others, who live in this neighborhood.”

Construction on the traffic signal upgrades and pedestrian safety improvements at 14th and Hudson Streets is scheduled to begin this week and is expected to continue for approximately 8 to 12 weeks.

Furthermore, construction includes drainage work to construct the curb extension, electrical work for the new traffic signal, installing the wiring and new poles, and energizing the new traffic signal heads with PSE&G.

Temporary no parking signs will be posted in areas adjacent to the project to accommodate the construction.

“I’ll continue to work with Mayor Bhalla and Commissioner Romano in making pedestrian and vehicular safety a priority. This has been a great start,” added Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise.

In 2019, Bhalla signed an executive order designating Hoboken as a Vision Zero city, with the goal of eliminating all traffic-related deaths by 2030.

By focusing on safety upgrades at hundreds of sites throughout the city, Hoboken has created a safer pedestrian experience for the most vulnerable in our community, including children and seniors.

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  1. It is just so happens that it is on the same corner Mayor Fulop’s wife is fighting to open a cannabis store.
    Don’t question it.
    That is what friends are for.

    • Shouldn’t be faster than the City’s new speed limit of 20 mph. Factoring in the additional trips to be generated by the proposed dispensary, no one will be moving very fast, with or without these “improvements”.

  2. Will this work incorporate the loading zone for that area recently approved by the County Engineer’s office? Or will this be like the Washington Street improvements where the street was torn up multiple times for water, sewer, paving, etc? A bit of coordination would be good here.

  3. I know that intersection. What exactly is substandard about it? Or unsafe? There are dozens (at least) of other Hoboken intersections that are more unsafe. What about Jersey City? What about Tonnelle Avenue where a pedestrian was just KILLED yesterday? Why do Bhalla and Romano get to burn money for votes from the luxury towers on the waterfront?

    • Absolutely necessary, do you even live here and use it? Apparently not. Tons of eastbound traffic on 14th turning right on Hudson makes it hard to cross, I usually walk down to 13th St to avoid it. Similar to 14th and Washington…have you ever been there, either?