Hoboken superintendent introduces vaccination/testing mandate for staff, students 12 & over


Hoboken Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Johnson has introduced a COVID-19 vaccination/testing mandate for all teachers and staff, as well as eligible students ages 12 and over.

The Hoboken Board of Education at their July 13th meeting. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Staff members and students who are 12 years old and over (via parent or guardian) will be asked to submit proof of vaccination,” she wrote in a comprehensive plan released yesterday.

“If for any reason COVID vaccination is not possible, chosen or has not yet been received, weekly testing will be required and provided onsite beginning on Friday, September 17, 2021.”

She continued that on-site PCR coronavirus testing will be mandatory on Fridays for anyone who does not submit proof of vaccination, by randomly selected students who are too young to be vaccinated to get tested – with the number determined by the state’s rate of positivity each week.

In that scenarios, parents or guardians will be notified on Wednesday so that they can plan accordingly, such as by getting a test off site if they prefer.

While the Hoboken Public Schools will mostly use nasal swab tests, they have some saliva tests on hand for students “with sensory or sensitivity challenges.”

Additionally, no family will be billed for these tests, regardless if they have insurance of not, according to the district’s reopening plan.

“If for any reason, an unvaccinated staff member, age eligible student, or student under the age of 12 years old who is randomly selected for COVID PCR testing on any given Friday, is not in work or school, he/she/they will be required to test independently and provide a negative PCR test result upon entering school or work on Monday morning,” Johnson explains.

“Prior to the opening of school and after all school breaks of two days or longer, the Hoboken Public School District will require COVID-19 testing for all unvaccinated students and staff members. Families and staff members may take advantage of our onsite testing on the specified days publicized, or may secure a COVID PCR test no more than 48 hours prior to returning to school or work.”

Furthermore, any faculty member or student will require to be tested after traveling out of state anywhere beyond the northeast region.

The Hoboken Public Schools are set to reopen Tuesday, September 8th.

Yesterday, Gov. Phil Murphy (D) announced a statewide vaccine/testing mandate for teachers, with all educators expected to be vaccinated by October 18th or be tested once or twice a week.

In Hoboken, a vaccine/testing mandate was implemented as of August 9th for municipal workers, with the possibility of vaccinated employees receiving $1,000 checks in the near future.

Expectedly, Mayor Ravi Bhalla vocalized his support for the plan in a statement this afternoon.

“I applaud Superintendent Dr. Christine Johnson and her team for instituting a vaccine or testing requirement for all faculty and students 12 years of age and up this school year,” he said.

“This robust plan to continue to provide safe, in-person educational instruction will ensure that students and families feel protected in the classroom and will limit the spread of COVID-19 among our children. I strongly encourage all other institutions and businesses in Hoboken to adopt similar policies.”


Editor’s note: This story has been updated with a comment from Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

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  1. And then they came for the children.

    Even as children are all but immune with 99.997% ability to easily cast off the CCP Virus, they want to put them at risk.

    The data shows children at far more at risk from the experimental “FDA approved” vax then the virus.

    Sad and dangerous times we live in with the Fascist Left.

  2. Bet you got jabbed as soon as you could didn’t you? And you’ll get that booster too. Good thing since fat old men have a pretty high risk profile.

    • Superb genetics certainly don’t need any experimental drug. Hoboken Horse wouldn’t need it but probably cares for others being roped in unnecessarily and discriminated against with all the anti-science propaganda. No child should face such abuse. Heard the Horse is working on something big but a friend of his won’t tell. Anyone hear?

      • i hear he’s working on a big scooter round-up. 8 or 9 scooters at once. he’ll take the money and hit the 4pm senior discount at olive garden.

      • I’m sorry to hear you attribute your various physical and psychological issues to genetics.
        Whatever your genetic predisposition I have no doubt that diet, exercise and a combination of drugs and counseling would work wonders for you.

        But your obvious genetic and/or lifestyle handicaps aside – you didn’t answer the question. Were you jabbed or not? That’s a simple yes or no question with no need to get into a comedy routine about your superb genetics and “big” plans.

        • Wish I knew but all I know is Hoboken Horse identifies as a Triple Crown champion horse and kicked a lot of your butts uncovering corruption. Let’s hope he does it again. You’ll be pissing your pants. You love to see it.

          • HH can “identify” as Prince Charles, doesn’t make him a British royal. The few Hobokenites left that still remember him, identify him as an angry message board troll.

          • Let me guess: Horse is teaming with Sydney Powell, Rudy G., the Arizona Cyber Ninjas and MyPillow guy to undercover the forensic evidence behind the TERROR FLYER!!! They have all the evidence in hand, Ravi will be out by August! I mean, October! Make Hoboken Great Again!!!

  3. Did the doctor’s credo, “First do no harm” get changed to obey the state and become its guinea pig? There’s no science-based reason for this. This is horrid coercion against parents and needlessly dangerous for children. Pulling my kids out.

  4. If Murphy didn’t mandate students get the vaccine or testing, it does not seem that the BOE has the legal authority to mandate it.

    What happens if a parent does not want to have their kid tested or vaccinated? The BOE cannot legally deny them their right to an education.

    Another lawsuit for the BOE waiting to happen

  5. You don’t know whether you were jabbed or not but you know you “identify” with a triple crown winning horse. Hero worshipping a horse is more than a little weird but your odd fixation doesn’t really have anything to do with the question I asked. Were you jabbed or not? Simple yes or no.

    As for your “uncovering” of corruption that’s as fictional as claiming to be a horse. Your “brilliant” investigative story about VBM fraud in 2011 consisted entirely of quoting information uncovered by then Councilman Ravi Bhalla and a few others in challenges filed with the Hudson County Board of Election. Everyone involved in Hoboken politics knew about the fraud. Bhalla and his team uncovered the evidence. You wrote a poorly written (as usual) story based on his work.

  6. People need to stop using Covid as a political agenda/ideology! Government should have no right ever to tell anyone what to do with their own body, especially having dominion over the life of a child excluding the PARENTS right to decide what’s right for their child. If this was a true pandemic people would be dying everywhere and people would be begging for a vaccine and you wouldn’t need to be tested to prove you’re sick! Call any pharmacy in your town and you will see none are testing for the Delta variant! There is nothing more behind this pandemic than a money making scheme so vast it has turned into a RICO case.

    The data from the CDC shows over 15,000 deaths from the vaccine and hundreds of thousands of severe adverse events! Statistics also show the vaxxed are getting sick at much higher rate than Unvaxed! Those are facts not political conjecture!

    Instead of blame shifting and chanting you get Vaxed to save me, how about you take responsibly for your own health and put down the alcohol, cigarettes, chemically laden food, toxic fats and join a gym. Everyone has the GOD given right to sovereignty over their own body we do not need oligarchs and fear driven individuals projecting their owns fears upon the fearless who choose to live their everyday life not looking over their shoulder for the next terror driven narrative coming to attack them.

    To the point of FDA approval; the new vaccine Comirnaty is approved going forward however the long term studies have NOT been done as is started in the FDA’s own document and will not be complete until 2027! Their alleged testing for safety was done using 40,000 participants half received a placebo! No where in their documents does it tell you when studies began or when they ended! Allegedly they only created a vaccine within the past year which in and of itself proves there are no long-term studies and that fact alone should be enough to scare anybody! FDA has approved hundreds, if not thousands of drugs and recalled them after people died or had severe reactions. Many FDA drugs have black box warnings on them which means they cause death! FDA is in the business of making money and is a private organization as is the CDC! CDC owns patents on the virus and vaccine and many other drugs, definitely no conflict of interest here!

    Instead of listening to the TV god start doing your own research and leave your covid political ideologies at the door!
    The vast majority of Americans are NOT in support of the government overreach and no longer believe their perpetual lies! And FYI many Vaxed people are NOT in support of these government edics either, and are now showing up on social media warning the unvaxed not to take the jab and are showing their horrific adverse effects!

    Instead of insisting on forcing an experimental mRNA TECHNOLOGY on other individuals start worrying about ALL the suicides, drug overdoses, sky rocketing cancer rates and homelessness happening in America; put your energy where it counts instead of standing on your self righteous, blame shifting, political driven, gas lighting, Victimhood soap box!

    You are injecting a genetic material (no specification of what it is or what it does or where it comes from) states it doesn’t alter an individualis genetic material; yet has no way of knowing if it alters someone’s DNA because they are not studying the DNA or any genetic materials from each individual, all they did was monitor symptoms

    Comirnaty contains messenger RNA (mRNA), a kind of genetic material. The mRNA is used by the body to make a mimic of one of the proteins in the virus that causes COVID-19. The result of a person receiving this vaccine is that their immune system will ultimately react defensively to the virus that causes COVID-19. The mRNA in Comirnaty is only present in the body for a short time and is not incorporated into – nor does it alter – an individual’s genetic material. Comirnaty has the same formulation as the EUA vaccine and is administered as a series of two doses, three weeks apart.