Uber opens ‘Greenlight Hub,’ in-person support center for drivers, in Secaucus


Uber held the grand opening of their “Greenlight Hub,” an in person support center for drivers, in Secaucus yesterday. 


“On behalf of myself on the council, we thank you: we thank you for being here, we thank you for this beautiful facility, the staff is here to help us all the time,” said Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli, who was also appreciative of Uber’s $5,000 donation to the Secaucus Emergency Fund.

“Right now, you guys being here, with this type of facility, is kind of an acknowledgement that the Meadowlands is this dynamic, growing region of great economic opportunity,” added Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce CEO Jim Kirkos.

The facility, located at 150 Meadowlands Parkway, is 7,000 square feet, has a parking lot and a classroom of up to 32 people to conduct driver-focused learning initiatives and community events.

“We’re really proud to see Uber investing in the local community here in Secaucus and establishing what we call a Greenlight Hub: this is a place where drivers can come to get questions answered, to relax for a little bit, grab a coffee between trips and make sure they’re able to provide that five-star service everyday,” said Uber General Manager of the Northeast U.S. Brian Hughes.

Hughes continued that the hub will be particularly useful for brand new Uber drivers to know which documents need to be submitted, how the app works and how to handle certain situations with a passenger.

In addition to Uber Eats, an increasingly popular program where Uber delivers food to your home for a fee, Hughes further stated that self-driving cars are being tested in Pittsburgh while Uber Elevate, commonly referred to as flying cars, is also in development.


  1. Hoboken lured them in, then ticketed their drivers $250 a pop for being unlicensed. Tuesday night court was 5-10 drivers. That does not include day court sessions, so the City netted huge amounts from the drivers and another about $700,000 from ticketing and an unreported amount on non-refund on towing fees when ticket holders protested their tickets successfully.

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