Hoboken moving forward with Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation Plan


The Hoboken City Council unanimously passed a resolution that heeded the recommendation of the planning board to move forward with the Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation Plan. 


Councilman-at-Large James Doyle was the first to express his approval on the recommendation calling it “helpful, they were accepted by the public, there were none that changed the enthusiasm which we saw here at our last meeting.”

Hoboken Community Development Director Brandy Forbes explained the recommendations to city council and the attending public.

A few of these recommendations included:
– rent will be determined through a financial analysis but will not exceed the regional market rate based on use and unit size
– a new complete street standards and design standards
– the Grand Street extension could be considered for use for pedestrians and bicycles

The redevelopment plan would include 210 units with 10 percent affordable housing, as well as a bonus space for workforce units.

During the public comment portion of the meeting two residents shared their concerns on the size and height of the building.

“Whether its 11 or 14 stories, it’s going to obstruct the light and I understand that. It’s how much light during the day?” stated Hoboken resident Jenny Ko.

Another resident questioned the bonus workforce aspect of the plan..

“What will happen on the development of the bottom floor? There is a bonus area for workforce units, which will add 20 feet, plus another 10 feet – I think as a whole for the people that are here we are not really asking you to limit the number of units.”

What we are asking is to somehow cap and don’t make the initial 20 plus 10 feet nebulous.”

The second reading of the ordinance will be at the December 16 council meeting.

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