Hoboken council to vote on replacements for two rent control board members


The Hoboken City Council will vote on whether or not to appoint replacements for two members of the Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board next week, as recommended by Mayor Ravi Bhalla. 

Michael Lenz and Cheryl Fallick could be replaced on the Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board next week.
Michael Lenz and Cheryl Fallick terms on the Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board have expired.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Mike Lenz, the chairman of the board and a former councilman, and Cheryl Fallick were both appointed by then-Mayor Dawn Zimmer, in 2010 and 2012, respectively, and were both reappointed on February 5th, 2014.

If the council follows through with Bhalla’s recommendations, they will be replaced by Heath Urban and Warren Hall.

“Per city code, Mayor Bhalla has nominated the following individuals to serve as regular members on the Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board, subject to city council consent:

Daniel Schott, Warren Hall, Eric Osborn-Focht, Jason Maurer, Heath Urban, Michael Mastropasqua, and Rosemary Orozco. Mayor Bhalla has the utmost confidence in the abilities of these appointees,” city spokesman Juan Melli said in an email.

In this scenario, the seven-member governing body would not have two alternates readily available, a fact that Lenz mentioned to Hudson County View over the phone.

“I think the whole board is doing a great job and I think we should have been reappointed and the two new people should’ve been appointed as alternates,” Lenz said.

“To take off potentially the two most knowledgeable people on the rent leveling board who have the best intentions … I guess a lot will fall on Mike [Mastropasqua]’s shoulders. I don’t think that the best for the city is being served by this reconsideration and I think a lot of tenants will not be happy,” added Fallick.

Lenz and Fallick were two vocal supporters of 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s mayoral candidacy, who had a public falling out with Bhalla during the November election cycle.

Their terms expired on December 31st, 2017.

Three months after the election, tensions between the two sides remain evident to astute political observers in the Mile Square City.

In a letter to City Clerk James Farina, Bhalla wrote on Tuesday that he was appointing the seven aforementioned people to the Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board and to “please update your records and administer the oaths of office as appropriate.”

Melli did not acknowledge the letter in his response and Bhalla did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The city council will vote on the appointments at Wednesday’s 7 p.m. meeting at City Hall, 94 Washington St.

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  1. Ravi is off to a great start – with his personal self-promotion trips!
    As for Hoboken, the odor is becoming consistent. He boots off two people who dared to support Reform champion Jen Giattino.

    What’s next for Ravi the vengeful?

    • Just reread your own crap that you wrote defending “Jen Tiff and Peter the Vengeful” last month.

      Now listen to you! WAAAAAAAAAH! WAAAAAAH! BOOO HOOO. Big BABY. Somebody change the Horse’s diaper- he’s wallowing in his verbal diarrehea!

      Who’s paying YOU????

      • Dear Sybil who lacks sufficient medication:

        Hoboken City Council appointments do not require the approval nor consent of the mayor. Nor is it legal for the mayor to control any vote on council appointments such as the zoning board. Obviously the ignorant plump hypocrite here is you.

        Horse is not a fat paid political operative hypocrite like you. That’s just one reader’s view based on the facts. It looks like MSV and HCV continue publishing facts. You don’t like it, no one cares. I don’t read your Toxic Avenger lies attempting to deceive the public.

        Unfortunately, you can’t succeed in your lies of commission and commission as long as HCV and MSV are around.

        Wot a shame.

        • Speaking of “fat” you’re getting a bit long in the horse-tooth, grey haired, baggy-eyed and paunchy to attack any one else’s looks. Your fat-shaming has inspired one of your victims to work out and get in shape- after all, success is the best revenge. Your victim is on the road to health, feeling GREAT–while you remain a sad, angry mess, mentally and physically.

          As for “paid” work, isnt it about time you got some? Why repay your debts at $50/ month when you can pay back all of it– if only you wouldnt spend all day here attacking the mayor and other peoples political free speech- and got off your horse’s ass to get a job?

          Jealous. There is no shame in paid work. You try to make it dirty and nefarious because you are a sad, sick pony. Get a job. And stop CRYING.

          • Nancy you’re only the victim of stuffing your face.

            Don’t blame anyone for being a slob.
            Boy, a little truth here on here and MSV makes sounds Nancy go more nutzo.

            Is that even possible? What’s next Nancy? How much lying and personal attacking can you do today before bedtime?

          • Once again, here’s a news story about a public interest board. So Hudson County View and Mile Square View perform a public service.

            The crazy blogger lady needs help. Someone get her help.

      • Nancy didn’t mind when Lenz saved her in the Bajardi vs Pincus lawsuit
        Nancy dodged a bullet thanks to the plaintiff filing too late and Lenz’s outstanding testimony and contributions to the ungrateful defendant

        • On top of it, Nancy calls Michael Lenz and Cheryl Fallick grifters. Accusing others of criminality because they didn’t support her choice of a candidate last year is absolutely disgusting.

          Zero ethics with this woman.

          • Nancy thinks she’ll never be held accountable. Look at her disgusting appearance here. A factual news story on HCV and MSV sent her into an absolute frenzy of torrential lies and personal attacks.

            Someone call DYFYS and save the kid. (201) 291-0579

        • Nancy, why the need for pathological lying all the time? Don’t you have any ethics at all?

          You’ve been triggered by the truth. Why don’t you go to your toxic website and spout your usual lies there? You can attack Cheryl and Michael and call them grifters again.

          You’re not a victim. Utter moron yes, victim no. The rabbi awaits your apology. You’re offensive to all of Hoboken. Sad.

      • Shut up NancyP666s!
        You spread more bile and hate than anyone in this city, you have zero friends left and you trashed so many people who helped you. Lenz and Pony saved your butt. Sure you researched old emails, but you had the majority of the charges and no attorney. It was Alex who saved YOU in the beginning and YOU know it.

  2. just because they never heard of her doesn’t mean she hasn’t helped them. most people in town have not heard of any of the heroes who work to keep the last moderately affordable apt here.

    • Ravi just wants to have rent control chipped away until it’s gone and he can hand over the town to national HIS investor friends like the politicians in Jersey City, Lakewood and other cities where politicians received out of state cash.

  3. I’m curious why this even rises to the level of a story. Particularly a story focused on who was not appointed without any coverage of the people who were appointed. Lenz and Fallick must be really special to warrant this kind of coverage of routine mayoral board appointments. The whole idea of having terms for board positions is that they expire so that new people can have a chance to participate.

      • Their names were listed but there is no info about them to evaluate whether they are good choices. Since the story is about two new people being appointed it would be helpful to know who they are not just their names.

        Are they long time tainted politicos like Tony Soares, the guy who the council voted to replace Brian Assadourian on the NHSA? Or are they just citizens looking to get involved replacing two entrenched long time politicos? The story is very different depending which is true, yet no information is provided about the actual appointees except their names.

    • It is not a dance recital, so not everyone needs to get a turn. Board positions are important and should go to the most qualified and best able to serve. If the mayor had some valid reason like these two are derelict in their duty, not showing up for meetings or whatever, sure get rid of them. But is seems more like Ravi is doing this for personal reasons; they won’t drink his koolaide.

      • Here’s the story. Of a man named Ravi. Who was running to be mayor and he won…

        Here’s the story… of a girl named Jenny… and we knew, it was much more than a hunch… that to win the election, she felt entitled… that’s the way we all became
        The Butthurt Bunch!

        The Butthurt Bunch
        The Butthurt Bunch

        That’s the way we became The Butthurt Bunch!

      • So to be clear you believe that despite the limited term stated in the law, Fallick and Lenz were entitled to be commissioners for life, removable only for cause like a federal judge. Obviously that belief is both sell serving and delusional but then again so is the claim that instant run-offs are not illegal just unauthorized.

        Can you explain why it was OK for the CC to remove Brian Asadourian from the NHSA for no reason other than the desire to remove a Bhalla/Zimmer supporter and appoint Tony Soares. If anything constituted political retribution coupled with old fashioned corrupt political patronage that appointment certainly comes to mind. As does the original appointment of Mr Soares to the NHSA in what appeared to be a political deal in exchange for a patronage appointment to the HAHA.

        • It’s really quite simple.

          1. City Council has appointment authority.
          2. Ravi has other appointment authority.

          According to Ravi Robots, he can do what he wants with his appointments and he should do whatever he wants with the City Council appointments.

          See how everything works out for Ravi?

          Hey, let’s applaud Ravi when he does another back room deal enriching himself. He just told Hoboken he isn’t going to work full time as mayor. He has other principles more important than honoring his promise.

          FOLLOW THE LOOT!

    • He sure does like to pounce on the public goodies like a hunk with the thrill of the hunt!

      He DEVOURED that council health plan to grab an extra 5k stipend from the county… CLAWED his way into that finance department seat… ROARED when he couldn’t get made parking authority director…

      King of the Jungle, indeed!