Hoboken 5th Ward Council candidate Blanco: ‘I’m taking a stand’ by running


Hoboken 5th Ward Council candidate Melissa Blanco told Hudson County View that she is “taking a stand for the Constitution, our federal laws and state laws” by running in the November 3 election. 


“Well, I didn’t actually have too much of a choice,” Blanco responded when asked outside of city hall – after filing her petitions of nomination – why she was challenging incumbent Peter Cunningham, going on to state that the council was routinely not following state and federal laws when handling city business.

Blanco is a longtime antagonist of Mayor Dawn Zimmer and hasn’t been shy in sharing her opinions on social media and on website message forums.

” … Unfortunately in the city, I suppose not everyone can be a hero, be a whistleblower … they couldn’t do anything saying the mayor’s hands are tied, with the mayor doing nothing against the city and the layers of government.”

Blanco concluded by stating that while she wouldn’t mind if other write-in candidates join the fray, she also runs against Hoboken Housing Authority Commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez, shows they are running for the right reasons, she still believes she is seeking office for the greater good.

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  1. The city is not following state and federal laws. They have been put on notice with specific details,applicable laws, incidents, etc and the City patently fails to respond. Due to this failure, the county and state has stepped in before. Though the state agrees w Blanco, they have no jurisdiction to proceed w corrective action, therefore Candidate Blanco has been supported by petitioners for the 5th ward seat. She has sought a suitable candidate since January , but none was presented, so she decided to seek the seat herself. If there is a candidate who knows government finance, operations she suggests that they be a write in candidate.

    • If your accusations are true, and of course they are most likely not, the state and feds would happily swoop in. As they did when Cammarano was pinched or when Judy Tripodi was sent in as a fiscal monitor for the city under then Mayor Roberts.

      So in light of that why don’t you actually say what the city is doing to violate state and federal law? Please be specific in what you are accusing them of so we can all judge for ourselves. If they are in fact violating these laws as you claim you will certainly have support. You have yet to name something specific though. What exactly did the Sate agree with you on, “Though the state agrees w Blanco, they have no jurisdiction to proceed w corrective action…”

      Also please state for the record if you posting as Mel B, are the actual candidate Melissa Blanco. Your post is in the 3rd person is misleading if you are indeed the candidate. You owe the voting public full disclosure. Or are you exactly like what you accuse others of?