Guttenberg Mayor Gerald Drasheff explains $20M school construction project


Guttenberg Mayor Gerald Drasheff went over blueprints to discuss the $20 million construction plans for the Ana L. Klein Elementary, which will double as a recreation center upon completion.


We met with Drasheff inside Guttenberg Town Hall, where we went over blueprints laying out the plan for the Ana L. Klein Elementary School renovations.

He explained that the old gymnasium in the basement has been amended to include a new community room, while the annex on the first floor will have a new gymnasium with bleachers – something the old gym doesn’t have – and new classrooms, which will be used as part of a recreation center after 3 p.m. during the week and on the weekends.

The second and third floors will have classrooms nearly identical to the first, with science labs being installed on floor three. Finally, the $20 million project calls for a rooftop park, which will be paid for via a $600,000 grant from the county.

Additionally, the board of education has been award $3.7 million from the state for the project construction and the remaining $16.3 million has already been bonded through the council.

Drasheff also spoke about the issues former town Mayor Dave Delle Donna brought up regarding the demolition aspect of the construction last week.

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