U.S. Rep. Rob Menendez receives 100% score from League of Conservation Voters


U.S. Rep. Rob Menendez (D-8) has received a 100 percent score from the League of Conservation Voters’ (LCV) 2023 National Environmental Scorecard.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I’m proud to have received a perfect 100% rating from the League of Conservation Voters, in recognition of my work to protect our environment. Since taking office, I have prioritized the urgent need to fight climate change and to support environmental justice for our urban communities,” Menendez said in a statement.

“Whether it is securing funding for zero-emissions school busing, obtaining grants to improve urban forestry, or promoting the expanded use of mass transit, I am committed to supporting cleaner and greener communities. Thank you to the League of Conservation Voters for recognizing our work.”

Since taking office last year, Menendez has supported various environmental initiatives in the 8th District.

Examples include $19 million in federal grants for zero-emissions school buses, 4.5 million in federal funding for establishing and expanding urban forest canopies in Jersey City, Hoboken, East Newark, and Kearny, and advocating for greener transportation options, such as the extension of the New York City Subway’s 7 line to New Jersey.

“We are thrilled to see Representative Rob Menendez earn a perfect 100% score on LCV’s 2023 National Environmental Scorecard in his first year in Congress,” added LCV Vice President of Federal Policy Matthew Davis.

“He has hit the ground running to protect clean air, clean water, voting rights, and clean energy jobs for New Jersey communities and we’re grateful for his efforts to defend climate and environmental justice investments and an equitable democracy in 2023 and beyond.”

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  1. Does this Rob support the offshore wind turbine farms?
    We, the GOP do not… so if you said he support the wind, then the endorsement for Rob from GOP, is fraud then..

    • Oooh, fraud!! Call the authorities! Alert the media!

      There’s no mention of “You, the GOP” in this article.

      And we all know that “You, the GOP” don’t care about the environment anyway.

      Nice try.