Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Fisher will seek 3rd term, announces kickoff


Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher said in an email blast this morning that she will be seeking a third term and has her campaign kickoff set for Tuesday, May 23rd.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“It has been my highest honor and privilege to represent my 2nd Ward and Hoboken neighbors on City Council these past what are now almost eight years. When I look back and see all that we have accomplished together, I know it is because of your willingness to engage and partner with me on issues important to our community, and important to you,” she wrote.

“It is with this continuing partnership and your support that I am excited to announce: I am running for re-election so we can finish the important work we have started and ensure the brightest future possible for our community.”

First elected in 2015 when she ran on a slate backed by then-Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Fisher was re-elected in 2019 by a close margin of about 53-47 against Nora Martinez-Debenedetto, who had the backing of Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Accomplishments she cited included securing the uptown waterfront for public use, negotiating a new deal with SUEZ (now Veolia) Water, pedestrian safety improvements, and being an indepedent voice on the council that checks the administration when needed.

She also vowed to engage, inform, and advocate, specifically on ongoing projects like revitalizing the housing authority, building a community center and pool, and preventing the Story Dispensary from opening at the site of the old Hudson Tavern.

While the dispensary has full municipal approval, it is awaiting a hearing from the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission as the condo association, dispensary, and building owners, which includes Jaclyn Fulop, the wife of Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, remain embroiled in litigation.

For the time being, Bhalla has only endorsed one candidate for council in the non-partisan November 6th ward elections: 5th Ward Councilman Phil Cohen.

With that in mind, it appears to be a forgone conclusion that Bhalla and his team will put together a full throttled effort to unseat Fisher, his most outspoken political adversary on the city council at the moment.

Her kickoff will be held at the Urban Coal House, 116 14th St., on May 23rd from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m.

1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, who was first elected when Fisher was, has announced that he won’t run again, as HCV first reported, leaving Paul Presinzano as the only declared candidate in the downtown district at the moment.

4th Ward Councilman Ruben Ramos, a former state assemblyman, declared he’d be seeking another term last month, while Liz Urtecho has emerged as a challenger to Cohen.

Although they haven’t made any formal announcements yet, both 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo and 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino are both expected to seek re-election as well.

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    • If we are talking about the former BOE Sheila, she will have to answer questions about why she thought the $241m hockey rink was a good idea and why the plan was concealed from voters during the 2021 election cycle. For that matter, while he has never been a BOE member, that question needs to be asked of Candidate Phil Cohen as well.

  1. Last thing Hoboken needs is Ravi unchecked. Him and his crew are a clear and present danger. Let’s not forget Ravi’s attempt to put in $300 face mask fines for anyone stepping outside their door without one. Do I need to even get into the bar shakedowns and the uptown weed shop scam?

  2. Yes, it is getting a bit old. So, we either need to find a qualified replacement or he needs to stop spending our money so recklessly and actually complete some of his projects on time – and without getting sued.

  3. Ravi and his people will do whatever they can to get Tiffany out…Since she isn’t crooked and doesn’t aspire to be part of the democratic machine in Hudson county, he cannot control her at all.

  4. Ms. Fisher has my (and my entire network’s) vote–mainly because of her efforts to stop (or at least delay) the wrongheaded (and sleazy) plan for putting a huge weed shop in at the corner of Hudson and 14th street. Reports of armed robberies at cannabis dispensaries (which are cash only bussinesses) have nearly doubled in the first quarter of this year compared with all of last year, according to data maintained by various cannabis coalitions. Here in Hoboken, two nursery schools are located within a 90-second walk of this venue…and the surrounding area is residential. The idea that locating the dispensary near the waterfront part will NOT greatly increase traffic and illegal double parking on Hudson & 14th is pure fantasy.

    It is not a matter of IF the Hoboken cannabis dispensary will be the target of an armed robbery–but when and how often. It is way too risky to locate one in a quiet residential area… I don’t want armed guards walking back and forth with cash piles. I don’t want to smell the stuff. We don’t want it–period.

    • You can already smell the weed oozing out of cars on Sinatra Drive now with the blaring sounds up to Hudson and beyond now. Wait until Ravi’s new weed store opens a stone throw from there. Ravi, Russo & Fulop thank you for your cooperation so they can stuff their pockets.

    • Ms. Graham, you claim that CW Fisher has your vote purely for her efforts to stop/delay the weed shop from getting approved. However, you are blindly giving this candidate your support when she’s the exact reason the weed shop can be opened in that location. She admittedly didn’t do her job when the maps were drawn and only conveniently made sure that her own residence at the Tea Building was excluded. CW Fisher is consistently intellectually dishonest and is playing you (and your entire network) for a fool.

      • Sadly Mayor Bhalla’s Councilman at Large Doyle said at a public meeting of the City Council said he knew and understood the loop hole in the City ordnance that would allow Mayor Fulop’s wife to open in a residential building on 14th Street and he remained silent.
        It is sure bet Councilman Doyle will be at the kickoff meeting for whoever Bhalla pays the bills run against Councilwoman Fisher.

  5. Funny how Bhallabots say how great their polling is, yet they constantly attack Tiffany, if they were in the lead they wouldn’t shoot down Tiffany.

    The Yankees don’t obsessed about the A’s

    • Wasn’t it Bhalla who faked a racist flier attack? Like come on trying to paint the Former Dem Chairwoman as Racist is a bit too far.

  6. She and others lost my support when dozens of employees were targeted, laid off and forced to retire in May 2020 at the height of COVID-19.

    She turned a blind eye when dozens of new employees were hired at high salaries and large raises were given out.

    The employees who got hurt are still in Hoboken and they will tell you that they, their family members and friends vote and they don’t forget.

    • Ravi Bhalla was the Mayor at the time he made the City Hall cuts. The question is now are you willing to vote for his hand picked rubber stamp candidate to run against Tiffany Fisher ?

    • You mean Ravi and his council rubber stamps. Ravi cleaned out municipal workers before the pandemic and gave huge raises to his incompetent, corrupt but loyal staffers who sat around at home comfy during the pandemic. That’s how Ravi rolls. Russo was along for the moral bankruptcy.

  7. Congratulations, Tiffanie Fisher! You have secured the 24/7 support of Hoboken’s leading proponent of far right hate speech and conspiracy theories!

    Just check out this heelarious comment where he does his brown-face minstrel show best to sound like a race-hatred driven Indian.


    You can even use this yummy quote for your campaign literature:

    “She will protect us from the EVIL CHRISTIAN WHITE MALES. Please vote for her because we need her to protect us from the Jesus.”

    Don’t worry about the messaging. Everyone knows Indians hate EVIL CHRISTIAN WHITE MALES and Jesus, so you’ll just be calling a spade a spade so to speak. And everyone knows that stoking white male victimization is a sure-fire campaign strategy in 2023. Hey, maybe you can host an anti-Pride event next month and invite these guys together with YOUR FAVORITE BLOGGER!



    More good news: Since he is perennially unemployed you can count on comments like the one above being made on YOUR behalf all day every day! That race-baiting, anti-vax, pro-gun, homophobic, transphobic MAGA demographic that YOU must want so badly is in the bag!

    Reach out and thank him. He’s doing it ALL FOR YOU, Tiffanie Fisher! And we’ll keep making sure that EVERYONE knows that this is what YOU want!!!

    Tiffanie and MAGA – Perfect Together! #TiffanieTrump2024!