HerreraPAC endorses West New York United ticket for May 12 municipal election


HerreraPAC, a political action committee founded by former Bayonne city council candidate Daniel Herrera, has endorsed Commissioner Count Wiley’s West New York United ticket for the May 12 municipal election. 

West New York United

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“County Wiley and his team are dedicated to making West New York a better place for its residents. West New York deserves real leadership and real representation, not a political boss,” Herrera said in an email. “Wiley and his team are exactly what West New York needs. He will get the job done.”

HerreraPAC is an independent political action committee which supports candidates, regardless of political parties, who want to scale back the size of government, lower taxes, support small business, and protect civil liberties, Herrera said.

Herrera is a Republican, while West New York United is comprised of five Democrats: Wiley, Carlos Betancourt, Myrli Sanchez and Thomas Leung.

Nevertheless, Wiley gladly accepted the endorsement in a prepared statement.

“We happily accept the endorsement from a great community leader such as Mr. Herrera. Knowing that the next generation is ready to support a great team with an even greater vision for West New York, shows that we are on the right side of the issues. We welcome him to the team.”

Pablo Fonseca, Mayor Felix Roque’s campaign manager, mocked the endorsement.

“I want to congratulate HerreraPAC on their endorsement,” Fonseca said over the phone.

“Since their inception, they have not picked a winning candidate. Again, I offer my congratulations to HerreraPAC for endorsing another loser.”

HerreraPAC has previously endorsed Larry Wainstein for mayor and Sgt. Henry Marrero for commissioner (whose running independently) in the neighboring township of North Bergen, which also has a contentious election on the slate for May 12.

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  1. For Pablo to mock a precocious 24 year old with a bright future ahead of him isn’t much of a surprise, The young man is more capable and intelligent, a threat to his old style politics and cheesy, sophomoric campaigns.

  2. Wow! Wiley gets the endorsement of a PAC of one person. LOL! And look at the previous losers he has endorsed. Comical. The kiss of death for Wiley, thank God.

  3. Few Days left for Acosta and Roque Corruption.

    God is Great!

    Felix Hell is waiting for you one day. Enjoy what you got. You can’t take it with you.