Hernandez says he never abused ex-wife, son agrees with dad & still loves mom


Following what many regarded as an emotional interview about a marriage filled with domestic violence, West New York United commissioner candidate Hector Hernandez says he never laid a hand on his ex-wife Jackie Melendez – a story that his son corroborates, noting that he still loves his mother.


Melendez came out on Friday making serious allegations about her 13-year marriage with Hernandez (h/t Hudson County TV), accusing him of knocking her teeth out and even putting a gun in her mouth.

Hernandez, who sat down with Hudson County View alongside his fiancée Julia Izquierdo yesterday, said he never laid his hands on Melendez. Izquierdo also said violence has never been an issue in their current relationship.

A lifelong West New Yorker who is no stranger to politics, Hernandez called the current municipal election “the dirtiest” one he’s ever seen since families are being brought into it.

Additionally, the former longtime town housing authority employee said outright that Melendez made the accusations she did in exchange for either money or a job from Roque.

Hernandez added that the Roque camps relentless attacks on him the past week shows that they’re lacking confidence ahead of the election.

Hector Hernandez, Jr., the 18-year-old son of Hernandez and Melendez who has lived with his father for the past four years, shot down claims that his father used to beat him – later calling Melendez’s interview in general “completely false.”

Despite the recent hardships, Hernandez, Jr. says he “will always love” his mother.

Melendez declined to go on camera with Hudson County View, but in a brief statement, she said anything her ex-husband says about her is “a made up story” and reiterated that her previous remarks “had nothing to do with politics.”

Finally, Roque campaign spokesman Pablo Fonseca said that his team has “nothing to do” with this “personal, family issue.”

“This is a personal, family issue that we have nothing to do with. It’s a very sad issue and we just wish that the issue gets resolved, that we can see what’s best for the kids,” Fonseca said over the phone.

“The Roque campaign has a zero tolerance for domestic violence and everyone from the [Hernandez] family should reach out and seek help regarding this matter.”

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  1. If fonseca and Roque had nothing to do with this, why they paid Frank Ferreiro to have a tv truck with images and the voice of Hector’s wife in the loudspeaker…. Roque even mention that Fonseca was a sniper… Roque is a liar and no one should trust him!

  2. It’s very clear , by the woman’s body language that is sitting next to him she is also scared do you honestly think she will reveal something like that in front of her husband may be in the coming years it’ll come out as well,
    I read the other day that she was being coached well to me it looked like her son was being coached it’s so sad that you have to use your kids to make a press conferenceyou’re not man enough to stand there by yourself and address those claims
    if you really want to come out on top why don’t you go take a lie detector test as well as Mrs. Melendez and see who the liar is because I can bet that you won’t go but I bet she will but let me guess you’ll say that that was rigged all paid for as well
    So now let’s talk about those pictures they came out which I clearly in your house because you’re sitting in the kitchen giving this price con so now let’s talk about those pictures they came out which I clearly in your house because you’re sitting in the kitchen giving this Press conference and one of the pictures it was taken right by that maroon wall
    So you did not domestic abuse do you deny drinking underage kids and providing alcohol for them

  3. Roque and company are getting desperate and they are really losing it. All this sleaze that Pablo, Frank, Acosta and Roque are bringing up proves it.

    Obscene cartoons, personal attacks, lies – that’s the Roque way. What does any of that have to do with running a town?? Roque and co. are not only dirty, they are stupid as well.

    The people of West New York should show him on Tuesday that we want decency in our leaders, not the scum we have now. Roque and cronies, adios.

    • Hernandez should be a shame
      He put his kids to shame there mother after all the abuse
      Put maybe he promise them a game of BEER PONG TONITE TO DO IT

      • Alex you dont know anything don’t believe everything you see. My mom is the real enemy here not us. We didn’t release this for money and we didnt lie

        • No you didn’t lie , you was coached by the report and who ever was standing behind him that u kept looking at
          I love the pic were you are in playing beer pong with the orange shirt
          And the coors light beer on the table

          • Just to answer the accusation you made, I’ve never “coached” anyone I’ve interviewed and this was no exception. I can also tell you the only thing behind me was the door to the apartment, the other people in the residence at the time were in the living room. Obviously I can’t speak to whatever happened before I got there.

          • Mr Heinz
            You will never be a class A reporter
            That all I gotta say about u
            I was told this anise victim reached out months ago to you way before the elections and you told her you were not interested in her story
            Or don’t u remeber
            That why she declined interview with u

          • I conversation was as follows: the question was where can I send pictures regarding a Wiley commissioner candidate. The answer was I can’t promise the pictures will be posted since I don’t know what they are but send them over to thehudsoncountyview@gmail.com. That was the full extent of the convo. I never received an email after that. You should get your facts straight before you slander people on the Internet.

          • well I can assure you Alex whoever you are I sure wasn’t playing beerpong. you shouldn’t assume. you cant check me, never a drop of alcohol in my system. and do I look nervous in the video? of course I do. I’m sorry that I have to be in the middle of accusations between my mother and father. i’m sorry I actually have a heart unlike you people on here.

  4. It seems to me that so close to elections all the desperate measures to make Wiley’s ticket look bad. Not just one candidate all of them. All the supporters putting all that cash to Roques campaign should be pissed were their hard earned money has gone. Spending money on crap and defaming people. As for A. DuPont the fiancé looks more like she’s pissed then scared. As for the wife take a good look her crying is spot on fake. Sheesh When money is involved most people are willing to do just about anything. Look at what Roques people are doing blasting the mothers interview on the truck. No one considered what effect that would have on the children.

    • LIE DECTOR …. Polygraph …polygraph
      That all I gotta say

  5. Not only the children, but the whole town is subjected to this filth. Why should we have to listen to some woman airing her dirty laundry in public – whether it’s true or not. I wonder how much they’re paying her.
    What a bunch of low lifes.

  6. Alex, good point about the lie detector test. Only problem is it’s too late now. However, the issue of underage drinking should be enough to sink column D. There is NO way anyone can defend that even though many Wiley people are supporting wife beating.

    • Pablo, you should know that in most countries, 18 is the legal drinking age. Not exactly a finisher. You have in your own camp, someone who Pinto pointed out to you is trouble. He’s gotten under aged girls drunk and tried to take advantage of them and you do nothing to reprimand this sort of behavior, because you find him to be a good worker (in his early 20s). Shame on you Fonseca, and shame on Column C for enabling this sort of behavior.

      • haha we live in AMERICA PINTO in some countries women can’t even drive does that make it ok here? in some countries women are abused every day so in your logic thats ok here in America? we have laws for a reason PINTO

    • Blah Blah Blah, who is this guy? Mad corny. “There is no way anyone can defend that even though Wiley…..” blah blah and more crap. Do you even live in WNY? You C people must want Wiley to win cause all you are doing is pissing people off that could careless about politics and now they really hate Roque for subjecting this nazi style propaganda. What about those 7th grade trash fliers? More cornballness. SMH, while I go vote column D.

  7. Jackie is a gangsta lover. She had a lot of things loaded into her mouth. She is a Roque Fan aka… a Liar. Takes one to know one.

    • Jackie is a gangster lover LMAOOO
      Ok…. So is all her sisters , her daughter is just a flat out whore that couldn’t wait to be 18 to leave home and open her wings
      Mr . Hernandez is a gangster himself in a suits which by the way they look somewhat tight on you buddy

  8. . JUST IN…….
    MR. Hector Hernandez will face charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor , endangering the welfare of a minor…I guess those pics of him drinking with the kids really got under the skin of some people

  9. Alex DuPont is another ignorant Roque plant with no decency.

    John Heinis, I know it’s difficult to ignore slander, but nobody believes Alex DuPont’s false accusations. You don’t need to defend yourself against his stupid, inarticulate lies.

    I hope these clowns go back to HCTV and leave this website to decent people who appreciate responsible journalism.

  10. You know, I’ve been studying the Anointed One “ROQUE” for quite some time now and I’ve developed a sure fire way to determine whether he’s lying to American citizens. It’s very simple, his lips are moving.