LETTER: Mayor Felix Roque is ‘a liar,’ vote for West New York United, Munoz says


In a letter to the editor, former Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz calls West New York Mayor Felix Roque “a liar” and throws his support behind Commissioner Count Wiley’s West New York United ticket for the May 12 municipal election.

Jose Munoz

Dear editor,

I have read and re-read Mayor, Officer, and Medical Doctor Felix Roque’s most recent interview on Politicker NJ as well as listening to his right-hand spokesperson Pablo Fonseca testify on Roque’s behalf and I find one lie after another.

I respect and honor all our uniformed men and women in the military and anyone dishonoring this uniform makes me extremely angry.

When a public official is proven to be a LIAR and continually emphasizes his military rank, it makes me even angrier. Roque fits this category.

If you never read the military’s Standards of Conduct you are not alone. It’s obvious Mayor, Officer, and Medical Doctor Felix Roque hasn’t either and what’s truly unacceptable is his actions which are directly opposite to that set forth within the Standards of Conduct.

Mayor, Officer, and Medical Doctor Felix Roque systematically provides the listener/reader his military credentials whenever it appears expedient. What he fails to include is the Ethics part of the Code which weighs heavily upon Honesty and Integrity. Both terms Roque fails to practice.

Honesty – Roque LIED to the FBI and is caught on Tape LYING which he later admitted in Court. The Code presents HONESTY as: “Being truthful, straightforward, and candid are aspects of honesty. Truthfulness is required.

Lies erode credibility and undermine public confidence.” So Roque, why do you disrespect the military by not following the Standards of Conduct?

Roque has intentionally declined to provide the public with the Tape of his conversation when he said he was speaking with the C.I.A. He said other interesting things as well which he doesn’t want anyone to hear. WHY? Because he is a calculating LIAR! The Tape alone will prove to all that this man is not only dishonest, but devious.

Roque – LET EVERYONE HEAR THE TAPE!!! Let the people decide how Ethical you really are!!!!

Integrity is next. According to the Code, “Following principles, acting with honor, maintaining independent judgment, and performing duties with impartiality help to maintain integrity and avoid conflicts of interest and hypocrisy. Duties with impartiality?

For years, Roque has been controlling West New York, like Castro controls Cuba – his way or the Highway. Friends and family members, no matter whether they are qualified for the position or not receive high paying jobs and enviable positions.

Talking about the other aspects within the Ethical portion of the Code would consume several more pages. So please feel free to review this material yourself – DoD Joint Ethics Regulation DoD 5500.7-R.

Roque is a disgrace to Public Service at all levels! He does not deserve your vote or your respect.

Please Vote For the West New York United Team! Column D

Munoz endorsement

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  1. Don’t forget candidate Patrick Cullen. He is a longtime WNY resident who knows a lot about this town. He is honest and ethical and will serve the town with integrity. You don’t have to vote for a single ticket. Select Cullen and four from the Wiley ticket.

    Roque is a disgrace to the military. I believe he was in the reserves, not regular army, and with a medical degree, he would have been admitted as an officer. He probably got only one promotion in 37 years and he tries to make himself sound like Douglas MacArthur. What a phony and a loser! Tell us your real story, Roque.

    And whatever he was in the past, now he is just a corrupt little dictator. He is a vindictive bully with a record of corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, intimidation, and incompetence. He has no respect for democracy or the law or the people of this town. Just look at the dirty campaign he and his cronies have run – obscene cartoons, smearing the opposition, lies, etc.

    Roque has no business holding public office and this town should vote him out, and let him take all his evil cronies with him. We all know who they are. Let’s get rid of them and then fumigate town hall.

    It’s time for some decency and integrity in town government.

    • Munoz please learn English your grammar is horrendous. No wonder you aren’t a public official anymore. Is it true you pretended to be a woman?

  2. Hey Frank, were you the model for those pictures? lol. You should show your face and be proud.
    You are as low class as Roque. You stoop really low but you’re pretty low to start with so its easy for you.

  3. Munoz, Roque, Sanchez or Wiley are the same kind of people. Munoz is a big fat liar. Myrli Sanchez is another big liar–she has no bachelor’s degree. Wiley has stolen thousands of dollars and is ready to put his cronies in power (Dan Alvarez, David Rivera, Pastor “Bling” Rafael Sanchez).

    Vote for Patrick Cullen, Tom Leung, Anthony DeFino, and Juan Espinal. These honest people will bring change to town.

    Munoz is a sore loser who has no political career. Voter be aware of Myrli Sanchez, she was never a CFO of any company. The only job she ever had was treasurer of her husband’s cult. She works for 20,000 for Wiley doing nothing.

  4. Hey Munoz the only one you support is the F B I. You are a nobody, always loose at everything you try and are a fat RAT who deals with nothing but sh*t. Take care if your sick wife and stop trying to be a politician because you SUCK at it.

  5. Who is the obese guy in the video? Everyone keeps referring to him as “Frank”. Is that “Fat Frank Alonso” from Union City with the fake handicap parking space in front of his house?

  6. Munoz needs to go back under the rock he came from…this guy is so irrelevant to West New York…He must still be upset that Roque beat him in federal court