1 Hoboken police officer resigned due to major discipline last year, 2 were suspended


Three Hoboken police officers faced major discipline last year, with one resigning and two who were also on last year’s annual report suspended, public records show.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Officer [Matthew] Isler was dispatched to a local business after the business owner reported that there was an individual in front of the business actively engaged in using drugs. Officer Isler responded to the location and met with the caller,” the Hoboken PD’s 2023 Major Discipline Report says.

“Before meeting with the caller Officer Isler walked past the individual that had reportedly been using drugs and did not stop him in order to conduct his on-scene investigation. It was immediately apparent that the male was impaired or otherwise emotionally disturbed, however, Officer Isler insisted that the male was not impaired in any way. Officer Isler’s assessment was inaccurate and was not corroborated by the Body Worn Camera.”

The report continues that the suspect was in possession of narcotics and related paraphernalia and Isler failed to detain him, which the department described as that he “grossly neglected to take official action when needed” despite being on his Last Chance Agreement.

He resigned prior to the department issuing discipline, which would have been termination.

The incident, which came with a 180-day suspension, was also described in last year’s report, and it is not described why the case was still relevant in 2023.

Additionally, Sgt. Steven Krantz was suspended 20 days due to his conduct when responding to a motor vehicle accident where a driver was unconscious and in cardiac arrest.

“Once arriving, instead of assuming immediate control of the scene, Sgt. Kranz took a traffic point to redirect traffic away from the scene, a task that could have and should have been delegated to a patrol officer so that he can better manage the scene in its entirety,” the report states.

“Some time later, the tour commander (a lieutenant) arrived on the scene and took immediate control, directing officers and coordinating resources and responses. The lieutenant asked for Sgt. Kranz’s location which was provided and then asked him to join the other officers on the scene. Sgt. Kranz upon arriving to the scene near the accident immediately approached the lieutenant and began to question him as to the reason for his inquiry about his location.”

The incident description concluded that Kranz continued to press the situation, despite his superior informing him it was not the time or the place given that the scene was still active.

Finally, Police Officer Liana Palladino, who received a 60-day suspension in 2022 to settle five separate incidents, received a nine-day suspension last year to close three separate incidents – two in late 2022 and one from just over a year ago.

Palladino was over an hour late to a shift on November 29th, 2022, which she only reported to after a welfare check determined she had overslept, another tardy incident on December 19th, 2022, and then an extended sick leave incident last year.

“While already on an extended sick leave which had started on February 7, 2023, Officer Palladino called the police desk to report that she and her child were ‘playing hooky’ and informed them that she was taking her child to the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA,” the incident description reads.

“The supervisor on duty informed her that her visit to the theme park was unexcused and unauthorized as per department policy. Further, she was ordered to return home and report her arrival to her residence. Officer Palladino ultimately told the desk officer that she didn’t agree with him and that she was going to go anyway, effectively disobeying a direct order.”

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  1. Straight out in subordination. I’m sure there’s a lot of young people who want a career in-law enforcement. The Hoboken police department. It should be made very clear to her insubordination to something that will not be tolerated and next time she could potentially face termination. That is just a straight up I don’t give a shit attitude.