GoFundMe started for retired Jersey City nurse who was evicted after hospital stay


A GoFundMe page has been started for a retired Jersey City nurse who was evicted from her home after a hospital stay for cardiac issues.

Patricia Bender. Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Pat [Bender] was evicted from her home in Jersey City after a hospital stay. She lost everything; including all of her identification, clothing, family pictures, etc. Pat managed to get to the local shelter where she had been for at least 4 months when I met her. I’ve been working with Pat over the last two months to get her back on her feet,” Kristina Paolini wrote in the GoFundMe page description.

“With the help of many kind people in the community, we have managed to get Pat forms of identification, clothing, and temporary housing in a motel. In my eyes, Pat’s story has proven that miracles are real and that there are many people in this world who want to do good. She has brought people from the local church, the DMV, CapitalOne, and strangers who knew nothing about her together but even more so, these people have gone above and beyond to help. These acts of kindness have helped us get to where we are today.”

Bender, 80, was living in the Jersey City Heights before she was evicted and briefly stayed at the Hoboken Homeless Shelter before the county put her up in a hotel on Tonnelle Avenue.

The GoFundMe page, which has set a $5,000 goal and has raised $1,235 so far, is so that Bender can have her own place to live again.

“Although we have made an immense amount of progress, we are now challenged with finding permanent housing for Pat and getting her financially stable again,” the page explains.

“We are starting this GoFundMe as a way to share Pat’s story, to show that a little kindness can go a long way, and to assist her in finding an apartment and getting back on her feet in the Jersey City area. Any donations large or small, connections to housing, or any other resources are greatly appreciated.”

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  1. It hurts deeply that after yo work and live all your life and give the best years of your life to help others something like this happen to a human being why because is about money our mayor Fulop want Rich people and wealthy people in jersey city it’s a shame that this lady have to spend her last years of her life jumping from a hotel to a shelter to here and there she was. Nurse a caring person now please Fulop do your job and place this kind woman in one of the Apts for seniors in jersey city you have the authority and the power to do it ok

  2. This is a disgrace were is her Mayor he need to help this senior who she gave her service to the county of Hudson lord I ask you to keep the blood of Jesus over this lady and I pray to god she will get the help she so needs . 🙏🏾 This is not a duplicate reply

  3. There’s more to this story. She wouldn’t have been evicted without notice and under the circumstances a Judge would/should have delayed the eviction order under the circumstances. How long was her hospital stay??