Fulop comes out in support of Solomon’s Jersey City proposal for e-bike deliveries


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop has come out in support of Ward E Councilman James Solomon’s proposal for e-bike deliveries, which cleared the city council unanimously (9-0) on first reading last week.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I think Councilman Solomon has done a lot of research on it and I think he’s communicated with a lot of the different constituencies, he communicated with the administration, I know he’s working with the bike advocates on some slight changes,” Fulop said in an interview on Tuesday evening.

“It’s very different than the state regulations, or proposed state regulations, that would would require insurance and some costs for the drivers or the cyclists, so I think it’s measured and I’m supportive.”

Last week, Fulop came out against a New Jersey bill that would require e-bikes to register with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

The Jersey City ordinance calls for businesses such as restaurants and third-party food delivery services where drivers who utilize e-bikes and/or e-scooters (along with their non-electric counterparts) to assign each deliverista with a three-digit ID number and photo ID card.

This number will be reflected on a vest won by the delivery driver, which will also include the name of the establishment they are working for. Businesses are also expected to maintain a roster of delivery drivers, who must carry their ID card while working.

Additionally, businesses are expected to provide lighting and helmets to their drivers, as well as a bell, working brakes, and reflective tires.

The Jersey City Police Department and Division of Quality of Life have the ability to ask to see the ID cards and/or issue fines, which are $50 a piece. The local legislation also calls for a biennial registration fee of $200.

A similar piece of legislation up for second reading in Hoboken, which would require a $5 annual registration fee for each individual food delivery driver, who would also have to take tests related to street safety, was carried last week and is expected to be reverted back to first reading in order to implement amendments next week.

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  1. Nice to see the Jersey City council taking unanimous action on this issue. In Hoboken, on the other hand, the issue will be mired in an 11-person committee at least until after the primary in June, with Ravi taking credit for this initiative. In the meantime, e-bikes will have free reign on our sidewalks and streets. Yet another politically motivated move by our Mayor, with little consideration for Hoboken residents. Way to go, Mayor Bhalla.

  2. They are routinely without lights and going the wrong way down the bike paths. When you are crossing a street you are typically looking in the direction of anticipated traffic rather than for noiseless unlit only-slightly-smaller-than-a-motorcycle delivery vehicles flying in the other direction.

    That’s not addressed.

  3. I believe every restaurant and delivery service should have their ebike drivers with some forms of identification on their bikes and/or drivers. The way it is now you can’t tell one apart from another so there are those that will get in an accident and leave or those that will use this in nefarious ways!!