Following bills passed by Assembly, students speak out against PARCC at JCBOE


Following two PARCC reform bills being passed by the NJ Assembly Education Committee, two students voiced their negative opinion of the standardized test at the Jersey City Board of Education meeting last night.


On the proposed tasks force bill, A4268, the task force’s evaluation of the PARCC would be an assessment on the actions taken by the state to support the administering of tests, an estimate of the costs and the analysis of technological readiness to administer these tests.

The bill also calls for an evaluation of student test results and the use of confidential student and family data such as learning disabilities or medical history.

Under A4165, a parent or guardian will need to provide a written notification no later than 14 days before the administration of the PARCC assessment.

There is no official current policy in place for students to opt-out. Currently, schools have used their own discretion when students, along with their parent or guardian, decide not to take the exam.

“I was surprised about the nature of how many tests she had,” Superintendent of School Marcia Lyles said in response to a student speaker.

“This has sparked the thinking in all of us about how can we support teachers, administrators, students and parents in making ways and utilizing ways in which we are not burdening them.”

Both bills would still need to pass state Assembly and Senate and Gov. Christie before it becomes laws.

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