Fernandez spoils 3rd straight sweep by JCEA-backed Jersey City BOE team


The grueling race for 10 Jersey City Board of Education candidates ended with Angel Valentin, Sudhan Thomas and Luis Felipe Fernandez emerging victorious and claiming the three, three-year terms up for grabs on the board.


The Jersey City United team watched the elections results at Raval, in downtown Jersey City, where now Trustee-Elect Fernandez gave a short interview with Hudson County View.

“Asmaa Abdalla, Matthew Schapiro, the best running mates that I could [have] ever asked [for]. And we are really hoping that these results would continue to show that Jersey City really cares. It’s not just one voice, people have another voice, and we want to represent them in all that we do,” explained Fernandez.

Even without his running mates, he plans on working closely with community organizations and continuing the partnerships that Jersey City United has developed.

Meanwhile at O’Leary’s Publik House, Jersey City Education Association (JCEA) anxiously tallied numbers with the Education Matters team, Gina Verdibello and Angel Valentin.

It was a big upset for Verdibello, as history repeated itself with her two running mates, Sudhan Thomas and Valentin getting elected.

Verdibello ran in 2014 under the Children First slate with JCBOE members Lorenzo Richardson and Gerald Lyons – who ultimately got elected under the Education Matters banner with Joel Torres.

When the unofficial results from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office first showed Valentin leading the polls at 9:25 p.m., he told Hudson County View that “he felt very positive.”

“And I did very well in my district, which is very important,” stated Valentin.

The new trustee elect is looking forward to claiming his seat on the board once again and working on gaining local control for the district.

It will be an interesting year for the Jersey City Board Education with Micheline Amy, Jessica Daye, and Ellen Simon, who are all supporters of Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marcia Lyles, leaving the board.

Two of the of three new elects were backed by JCEA, who also petitioned that Lyle’s four-year contract renewal was illegal, although a recent court ruling deemed it lawful.

Since 2014, the Education Matters team has won eight of the past nine eligible seats on the board – as long as last night’s results hold up.

Sudhan Thomas was not in attendance at O’Leary’s Publik House as the results came in.

Three-year term

Angel L. Valentin – 16,330

Sudhan Thomas – 16,033

Luis Felipe Fernandez -13,534

Natalia Ioffe – 5,389

Mark Rowan – 4,231

Mussab Ali – 6,290

Kimberly Goycochea – 3,736

Asmaa Abdalla – 11,252

Gina Verdibello – 12815

Matthew Schapiro – 12,615

Personal Choice – 147

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  1. akil got what he deserved. hopefully he will go back to newark now. if his Clinton flyers were not enough of the embarassment, the weak slate he put together, the skinner emails and then the poor turnout assures him that the jc money will never hire him again in our city. hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on a flawed slate with very little return. he should go back to drinking and driving.

  2. It’s not necessary to repost inaccurate elections result from NJ.com. The actuals numbers can be easily obtained from Hudson Country Clerk’s website. Just a suggestion.