Jersey City BOE votes against renewing school BA’s contract, approves 3% raises for 13 others


The Jersey City Board of Education voted against renewing their school business administrator’s contract, approving three percent raises for 13 others.

Jersey City School Business Administrator Regina Robinson.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

A late agenda item for Thursday’s meeting, 11.23, said “the Jersey City Board of Education hereby approves the renewal of the employment contracts for the 2022-2023 fiscal year for the following non-affiliated staff” with a table of 15 employees, with their job titles, salaries and proposed raises attached.

Robinson’s contract was voted down by an unusual tally of 0-5(4), with Board President Gerald Lyons, Vice Presidents Natalia Ioffe, and Gina Verdibello, as well as Trustees Alexander Hamilton and Noemi Velasquez voting no.

Trustees Lekendrick Shaw, Younass Barkouch, Paula Jones-Watson and Lorenzo Richardson abstained, with Shaw and Richardson abstaining on the entire agenda item.

The vote came at the tail end of a five-hour meeting and had little discussion beyond double checking who had voted no and who had abstained on item 11.23.

The effective date for the raises is July 1st and Robinson’s current salary is $182,174, therefore a 3% raise would have brought her up to $187,639. She first started with the district on July 1st, 2016, according to public records.

The only other employee who didn’t receive the raise and employment contract renewal was Sabrina Harold, the assistant director of human resources.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Norma Fernandez, Assistant Superintendents, Ellen Ruane, Gerald Crisonino, and Magda Savino, as well as Assistant Business Administrator Karen Johnson all had their raises approved.

Ruane was the highest paid employee on the list and will make $192,655 annually after her raise is approved.

Robinson and multiple school board trustees did not return inquiries seeking comment on the vote, with Verdibello indicating that the board could not discuss personnel decisions.

The Jersey City Board of Education approved a nearly $974 million budget with a $16,008 tax increase on a home evaluated at $460,00 at their March 21st meeting and have until May 14th to adopt their final spending plan.

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