FEMA reinforcements make their way to Jersey City to aid EMS in COVID-19 battle


FEMA reinforcements have made their way to Jersey City as part of their effort to aid EMS workers throughout the state in their battle against COVID-19.

Earlier this month, FEMA committed over 75 ambulances to the northern New Jersey region for the remainder of the public health emergency, according to the Hudson County Office of Emergency Management.

“FEMA Sent Us More Reinforcements from across the country to Jersey City to fight the Covid Pandemic! Thank you,” Jersey City Medical Center EMT Carlos Negron, Jr. captioned the video above.

Ambulances from Mississippi, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, and Colorado were shown driving past the James J. Ferris High School, located at 35 Colgate St. – right across the street from the Jersey City Medical Center EMS building.

Last month, President Donald Trump (R) answered Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) request for robust federal support by issuing a major disaster declaration for New Jersey, allowing FEMA to oversee the state’s recovery efforts.

This afternoon, the New Jersey Department of Health revealed that there are 11,636 COVID-19 cases in Hudson County, the second most in the state by county, and 525 fatalities, the third most in the state by county.

Jersey City has reported 3,812 coronavirus cases as of Monday, and 239 deaths as of Saturday.

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