LETTER: Jersey City student wants peers to join newly formed union


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City activist Mahsiah Imes says he wants his peers to join his newly formed student union.Mahsiah Imes on Changing Voter 18 limit to 16

Dear Editor:

It seems that we are going to have a student revolution right here in Jersey City. Enough is enough, students are continuously looked upon as being second class citizens because of their age.

The students in the Jersey City Public school district are very smart, talented, and artistic individuals and WE will rise above the negativity and surpass the expectations the superintendent has for us.

The district Superintendent, Dr. Marcia V. Lyles has undermined and disenfranchised the student body too many times. Chris Christie is likely to leave New Jersey to obtain an official White House title under Trump and his friend Dr. Marcia V. Lyles doesn’t have to go home but she has to get out of here.

We have enough division in this district and it’s time we heal the wounds that have been inflicted on us. There is a change that needs to happen and it has to start with the students.

It seems like the compromising has not worked because a Superintendent who looks upon students as irrelevant and too immature to speak with her doesn’t belong in the Jersey City public school district. I also want to know where is all of this money going and why it’s not being spent in the best interest of the students?

Well it seems every time the forensic audit idea comes up, the Superintendent becomes afraid. If there’s noting to hide allow the audit to take place. Earlier this year the Jersey City Council shot down a resolution asking state officials to investigate whether lowering the voting to 16 would be something possible.

Seems like they don’t show an interest in the youth in this city either. A mock election taken in different public schools in Jersey City shows Hillary Clinton would have had an comfortable win over Trump. It seems those under voting age had more enthusiasm than voters of voting age.

I will be reaching out to city and county officials as that voting age campaign has sparked up a fire again. I am seeking strong, dedicated and persistent student leaders who will help me in this campaign to protect and defend student rights.

Most students don’t know the power that the hold in their hands and the rights they have to protect them from the injustices that happen on daily basis.

If any Jersey City Public school student has an interest in joining the newly formed Jersey City Student Union please contact this email at jcstudentunion@gmail.com.

Mahsiah Imes

Jersey City activist

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