Ex-BOE pres., recent Jersey City council hopefuls endorse Solomon in Ward E


A former Jersey City Board of Education president and three recent Jersey City council candidates have endorsed James Solomon in the December 5th runoff election.

“James is the independent leader we need to hold City Hall accountable. He is the only candidate who will put Jersey City residents ahead of special interests and the developer community,” said Jake Hudnut, who ran on mayoral challenger Bill Matsikoudis’ ticket earlier this month.

“James has denounced dark money in this election and will focus on us, Jersey City residents, as our City Councilor.”

Sangeeta Renade, the Jersey City BOE president in 2014, applauded Solomon for his initiatives that will help the school district and their students.

“James and his wife, Gabrielle, are raising their newborn daughter in Jersey City. As parents, they understand that we need to invest in our children for a stronger future for our community,” she said.

“James will fight for our kids on City Council, proposing new school space, more tax revenue in our classrooms, and more after-school programs to support kids outside the classroom.”

Additionally, Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement Executive Director Pam Johnson, who ran for the Ward A council seat on November 7th, praised Solomon for his “focus on initiatives that keep our streets safe.”

Michael “Billy” Bisogno, an LGBT activist that ran for the Ward E council seat before endorsing Nick Grillo, applauded Solomon for his plan to expand affordable housing.

Solomons is fighting an uphill battle against attorney Rebecca Symes, who has rattled off several endorsements from elected officials this week.

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  1. James Solomon has founded his campaign on a gender slur against his opponent. His entire campaign slogan indirectly yet blatantly calls his opponent a whore and his behavior/his campaign’s behavior crosses the line into practically stalking her. How can a man be all over the internet and all over the Ward with the kind of degrading sexist commentary and have a board of education person sign off on it? It is extremely disappointing how the media has failed to cover how he is trying to push his creepy rumor of the week. The last week the media is regurgitating his whining that his opponent got a commercial. How can several other candidates who are public about being gay, after the years long fight for their groups to have the same civil rights, be endorsing this creep who should be hit with a restraining order not be getting a council seat. This silence and ignoring of what is right in plain sight is the same machine that allowed Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein to continue their patterns of behavior for years. It is time the media stopped ignoring these kind of attacks on and humiliation of women.