DiDomenico, Dublin, Liggio, Munoz bid farewell at final Hudson County Freeholder meeting of 2014


Freeholders Doreen DiDomenico, Jeffrey Dublin, Thomas Liggio and Chairman Jose Munoz bid farewell to their colleagues at the final Hudson County Freeholder meeting of 2014.
Jeff Dublin - Jose Munoz - Doreen DiDomenico - Tom Liggio
Below are the farewell speeches of the four Hudson County Freeholders departing the board.

Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz:

Freeholder Doreen DiDomenico:

Freeholder Jeffrey Dublin:

Freeholder Thomas Liggio:

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  1. Jose Munoz you got 4 votes from my hose if you run for Mayor. Please do, WNY needs a real clean up. Please consider running. You see all the lies and Corruption in town. There is no one else that will do the right thing for WNY.

  2. Munoz sold his soul just like the rest. Seems Frank Ferriero had a sit down with Jose a few weeks back and bought (brought) Jose on board the Sacco/Roque gravy train. Enjoy 4 more years West NY of Corruption.