DeGise endorsing Fulop: No one ‘can deny Jersey City is on the upswing’


Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise said that no one “can deny Jersey City is on the upswing” when he endorsed Mayor Steven Fulop for re-election this afternoon.


“I’ve lived in Jersey City for 66 years, I’ve never moved out of the same area code, 07307, and I live now. And I’ve seen, over those 66 years, Jersey City on the rise, Jersey City on the decline,” DeGise said on the front steps of the William J. Brennan Courthouse.

“I’ve seen this city struggle, I’ve seen it prosper. And I don’t think any of us, as we look at this thing, can deny that Jersey City is on the upswing. Now it takes a great team to do that and it takes a great leader to take that team forward.”

DeGise also said several times that “if it’s not broke don’t fix it,” also stating that “I believe here in Jersey City we got the right guy.”

Additionally, the county executive credited Fulop for making joint efforts such as Berry Lane Park, the vocational middle school in Jersey City, among other things, including a Lincoln Park Skyway Golf Course that was one of several projects pictured on the steps.

Speaking with Hudson County View, DeGise reiterated what he said at a fundraiser for Fulop back in October, that he was happy Fulop decided to seek re-election instead of run for governor – indicating that he felt the mayor owed Jersey City one more term.

When Fulop took the podium, he noted that he was on the outside looking in for the majority of his dozen years in elected office, which is why he was particularly pleased to be getting the support of the county during this election cycle – though it would’ve been even better if Bill Gaughan would’ve still been around to see it.

“I had hoped that at the point I would come today to getting the endorsement of the county apparatus that one of my close friends Bill Gaughan would’ve been here as part of that,” the mayor said.

“So I do want to recognize the fact that a lot of the relationships that I’ve been able to build with the county executive and your apparatus: the person who put that together was a shared mutual friend who was on the city council and of course worked as the chief of staff [to DeGise].”

In 2013, DeGise endorsed incumbent Jerramiah Healy for re-election, but it wasn’t mean to be as Fulop ended up being elected to his first term as mayor.

This marked the second endorsement Fulop’s re-election campaign received in the past five days, with state Senator (D-33)/Union City Mayor Brian Stack pulling out all the stops for an event outside of his Palisade Avenue Senate office on Saturday.

With state Senator (D-32)/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco likely to endorse Fulop early next month, challengers Bill Matsikoudis, former corporation counsel for Jersey City, and ex-Assemblyman Charles Mainor face a steep upward climb from the onset.

The Jersey City municipal elections are on November 7.


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