Count Wiley rips ‘very weak character’ Frank Ferreiro, Ferreiro responds


West New York Commissioner/mayoral hopeful Count Wiley ripped Mayor Felix Roque enemy turned ally, Frank Ferreiro, in light of him making voter fraud accusations against Wiley and his wife. However, Ferreiro says the facts are clear on the matter.


When asked by Hudson County View if he was surprised and/or bothered that Ferreiro kept pressing the issue, which he first brought up at last month’s board of commissioners meeting, Wiley rationalized that people should look at the “very weak character” who is behind the attacks.

“You know, Frank Ferreiro, is a very … how do you say, I don’t know how to explain him: a very weak character. He doesn’t have character,” Wiley said during an interview at a West New York United fundraiser at the Marinero Grill.

“This is somebody, he was against Roque, wore shirts that were very explicit, vulgar language, and know he turns because he receives a paycheck.”

When reached by Hudson County View over the phone, Ferreiro said the issue at hand is quite clear.

“The proof is in the pudding: Beatrice Wiley is a committeewoman in North Bergen, yet they supposedly live in West New York. This is illegal,” Ferreiro stated.

When asked if he was being compensated by Roque or an entity affiliated with the mayor to attack Wiley, Ferreiro said that wasn’t the case.

“I only get paid when someone hires me for High Impact Advertising (TV on Wheels). I’m not getting paid to speak out about the issues, I’m doing it because I care about it. Take a look at the paperwork, I’m not putting a lie out there. This is black and white facts.”

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  1. Bye Felix, You escaped Jail but not the voters of WNY. Jose Munoz you sold out also. This could have been your time and you sold yourself like Frank Ferriero. All P.O.S’s

    Vote Column D

  2. The big question here is how convicted criminal felon Frank Ferreiro got his hands on Wiley’s daughter school records. She is a minor those are protected records. Someone is in big trouble!

  3. Frank Ferreiro is a sellout and a liar. Who does he think he’s kidding that he doesn’t get paid for supporting Roque? He was bought hook line and sinker, like everyone else who supports Roque.